Amy Robach Reveals Marrying T.J. Holmes is “On The Table”

Amy Robach Reveals Marrying T.J. Holmes is “On The Table”
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Amy Robach has talked about the future of her controversial relationship with T.J. Holmes. The 50-year-old former ABC reporter has discussed the possibility of getting married in the latest episode of Amy and T.J. podcast released on iHeartPodcasts. When a listener asked if they had any plans to get married or not, Amy replied that marriage was under consideration.

She also said that they did not enter into this relationship just for fun or to take it casually, and they aim to spend their whole lives together. T.J. joked saying, “I want to marry you, in part, because you’re 50 and I’m 46. And I’m very sick of introducing a 50-year-old woman as my girlfriend. That just sounds stupid,” to which Amy replied with a laugh. 

Even though both, Robach and Holmes, shared that there is no hurry to tie the knot because they both have been married twice and do not want to rush into it, they still look forward to spending the rest of their lives together, and a wedding is definitely on the table.

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About a year ago, both Robach and Holmes were let go from GMA3: What You Need to Know after there were rumours of these co-anchors being in a relationship. They were still married to other people in November 2022, but they are now divorced. Amy Robach was married to Andrew Shue, who is reportedly dating Marilee Fiebig, ex-wife of Holmes. According to a report by Page Six, both of them bonded over the traumatic experience of being cheated.

Amy and T.J. podcast episode that was released on December 5, 2023, the couple recalled the day everyone got to know about their relationship and clarified to the audience that they were released from the show for being in a relationship, not for cheating on their spouses. It was surprising for them that people considered their photos of them spending a vacation together as an extramarital affair, but in reality, they were already going through divorce proceedings, which were not shared publicly by then. The couple made sure to provide clarification on these accusations a year later.

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