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Netflix’s Wednesday To Unravel Darker Mysteries In The Second Season?

Netflix’s Wednesday To Unravel Darker Mysteries In The Second Season?
Image: Netflix

Wednesday, Netflix’s original horror-comedy drama, was one of the most-awaited shows on Netflix in 2022, with all its episodes premiering worldwide on November 23, 2022.

Since it was released, the show has earned the crown for Netflix’s most-watched title of all time and 12 Emmy nominations for its name. These nominations are in categories like Best Overall Comedy Series, Lead Actress, and Direction. The show has achieved a lot more than expected and is proving itself to be one of the most successful originals on Netflix till now, registering a place in the top 10 titles globally in the first half of this year. Netflix ranked its titles based on its first 28 days by viewership, which Wednesday ranked as the second biggest English show till now, with Stranger Things season 4 on the first.

Netflix confirmed this year that the show will have a second season, but the number of episodes this season will have is still not disclosed by the makers. It was also announced that the production base of this show will be shifted from Romania to Ireland for the second run, with the entry of a new character from The Addams Family in the second season. The lead actress of the show, Jenna Ortega, has also promised a change in the tone of the season and less emphasis on romance, unlike the episodes of the first season. There are still some details from the first season that remained unanswered until the last episode and will hopefully be addressed in the second season.

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Wednesday realises she is being stalked by someone after receiving a message on the phone given to her by Xavier. Who is it? We last saw Tyler being sent to either a prison or a psychiatric ward. What will he do next? Nevermore Academy does not have a principal anymore due to the death of Larissa Weems. Who will it be? The fans will have to wait for all the revelations in the next season.

According to a report by THR from June 2023, Jenna Ortega will not only play the role of an actor but will also produce the second season of the show.