Apple Announces Death Stranding to its Selected Devices; Know What It Offers

Apple Announces Death Stranding to its Selected Devices; Know What It Offers

Following a relatively short delay, Apple has come up with a strange yet unique world for Death Stranding for its users. With availability on iPhone 15 pro models, iPads, and Macs with M-series chips, Hideo Kojima’s walking stimulator has already made its way. Meanwhile, the version of this gloomy world is available for players for $40. However, for the users who pre-order the series, Apple is offering a discount of approximately 50 per cent.

Nevertheless, owing to an extra cut of death stranding, it includes extra, not available in a base game. Along with this, the game comes with several cool things to make it more exciting. Meanwhile, this includes a secret factory underground, new parts of the store to play in, and extra things to help the primary character, Sam, deliver packages.

However, with this brand-new Death Stranding, Sam can use a cargo launcher to send packages away. Additionally, a stabiliser is also introduced that keeps him from falling over and losing his stuff. Hence, such games have purportedly made the game more fun with new places to try and explore.

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Moreover, Death Stranding, Since it made its debut on console, has gone on to win several number of accolades, including Best Performance for Norman Reedus and Best Action/Adventure Title at the 2019 Game Awards.

On the other hand, Kojima is far from this universe. Moreover, reports suggest that a sequel is in the works, and rumours suggest that more details are coming in the next couple of weeks. Besides, Kojima Productions has also teamed up with Indie Film Powerhouse A24 to make a death-stranding movie.

So if you are an avid gaming enthusiast or a long-term fan of “Death Stranding”, you are welcome to try this gaming on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


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