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Baby Reindeer’s Real-Life Martha Threatens To Sue Netflix

Baby Reindeer’s Real-Life Martha Threatens To Sue Netflix
Source: Netflix

The real-life inspiration behind Martha’s character in Baby Reindeer might sue Netflix. In the latest interview with Piers Morgan, she said that Richard Gadd, the man who was stalked in real life, is a liar. She is a practicing lawyer and said that she would represent herself in the legal proceedings.

The British black comedy Baby Reindeer might cause legal trouble for Netflix very soon. The hit miniseries is inspired by the real-life of Richard Gadd. It features a man who is stalked by a female, to the extent that he feels harassed.

The woman who allegedly inspired the role of this stalker recently opened up in an interview. While talking with Piers Morgan, she threatened to sue OTT giant Netflix and Richard Gadd. 

Source: Piers Morgan Uncensored

Fiona Harvey, who is a practicing lawyer, is portrayed as a mentally ill and lonely woman. The character, Martha, is obsessed with Gadd and sends him more than 41,000 emails. Allegedly, she also harassed his parents. 

Now, Harvey thinks that she can beat Netflix in the court. She also trolled the actress who played Martha in Baby Reindeer. Fiona said,

I have a claim against Netflix as this is being billed as part of a true story,

I’m a highly competent lawyer. I’d have to do it myself. I’m very good. I have a photographic memory and can memorize huge files. I was top in my school at everything. People are probably saying I’m a mass murderer. This can’t continue. I will kick their asses.

Meanwhile, Fiona Harvey also called Gadd a liar and a misogynist. Gadd, in the series, indicates that Martha sent him 41,000 emails, 350 voicemails, 744 tweets, 48 Facebook messages, and 106 letters. Harvey said that she had never done such psychotic things. 

The lawyer revealed that she had met Gadd only a couple of times. She also gave a message to Gadd through the interview with Piers Morgan.

Leave me alone please. Get a life, get a proper job.

Fiona added,

I am horrified at what you’ve done.

It was clearly evident that she was not able to properly defend herself. When she was asked whether she had sent 41,000 emails to Gadd, she said,

There may have been a couple of emails,” but just “jokey banter ones.

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