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Ben Ford Bio: Who Knew Indiana Jones’ Son was a Famous Chef!

Ben Ford Bio: Who Knew Indiana Jones’ Son was a Famous Chef!

Renowned chef Ben Ford was born on September 22, 1967, in the United States and has amassed a net worth of $5 million as of December 2022. He is also proud to be part of the American Chef Corps, an esteemed network of chefs devoted to being a point of reference for the US Department of State.

This article provides an abundance of information on Ben Ford, offering an insightful overview that covers his bio, age, and birthday. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to lesser-known facts as well as other pieces of info.

Ben Ford Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Ben Ford is one of the wealthiest chefs around and certainly among the most popular. His net worth has been estimated at an impressive $5 million.

About Ben Ford

On September 22, 1967, the world was graced with Ben Ford’s entrance into Los Angeles. At 55 years old now, he is an iconic celebrity chef, and his numerology Life Path Number is 9.

Harrison Ford, the famous actor of Indiana Jones and Star Wars fame, is Ben’s father. His mum Mary Marquardt, was an illustrator and cook who often required his assistance in her kitchen projects. He has four siblings: Willard, Liam, Malcolm, and Georgia, with whom he shares a close relationship. To continue this tradition of family ties, Ben married Emily and they have two boys, Ethan and Waylon, instilling within them their core values for generations to come.

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Ben Ford Numerology 

Life Path Number 9: Individuals such as Ben Ford are consistently on a journey to satisfy their intense desire for growth and discovery. These people seek out an array of experiences, learning opportunities, and meaningful conversations and always strive for the next grand adventure.

Ben Ford Bio: Who Knew Indiana Jones’ Son was a Famous Chef!

Ben Ford Career

As a passionate cook from childhood, Ben Ford initially sought to pursue a career in baseball. But after various injuries and an enriching semester abroad in Europe, he reoriented his path to the art of cuisine by enrolling at the California Culinary Academy.

Ben Ford is the masterful chef who established his own acclaimed restaurant, Ford’s Filling Station. His culinary expertise with fresh and seasonal ingredients has earned him national recognition, not only for his amazing dinners but also for crafting the cookbook “Taming the Feast: Ben Ford’s Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking.”.

Ben was honored to join the esteemed American Chef Corps, a prestigious organization of chefs who are eager to lend their expertise and experience to the US Department of State.

Ben Ford Other Associations

Calista Flockhart, an alum of the TV show Ally McBeal, became Ben’s stepmother in 2010 upon marrying his father. In addition to being related to Calista through marriage, Ben was also acquainted with famous names such as Gordon Ramsay, Harrison Ford, Guy Fieri, and Ree Drummond.

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Lesser-Known Facts about Ben Ford

  • Ben Ford was born in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, in the United States of America
  • Being a late September baby, the zodiac sign of Ben Ford is Virgo
  • Ben proudly joined the American Chef Corps, a collective of culinary personalities devoted to being an asset for the United States Department of State
  • Ben’s famous father is the renowned Harrison Ford, best known for his iconic roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars


What is the net worth of Ben Ford in 2024?

The estimated net worth of Ben Ford as of 2024 is around $5 million USD.

How old is Ben Ford?

As of 2024, Ben Ford is 57 years old.

Is Ben Ford an actor?

No, Ben Ford is a highly celebrated chef from the United States of America.

Who is the father of Ben Ford?

Ben Ford’s father is Harrison Ford, the actor popular for portraying the character of Indiana Jones.

Who is Ben Ford married to?

Ben Ford is married to Emily Ford.

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