Why is St. Jude Recognized as the Patron Saint of Lost Causes?

Why is St. Jude Recognized as the Patron Saint of Lost Causes?

Have you ever been in a seemingly insurmountable situation? It doesn’t matter if it’s anything from work to finance, family or health complications, or even housing issues – we need help and sometimes a miracle. The patron saint of lost causes is St. Jude; he can provide the hope and guidance we require when all other options have failed us. In our contemporary world, we often feel the strain of today’s tribulations. Fortunately, St. Jude, an antiquity saint known for his aiding hand in difficult times and circumstances, is available to support us on this journey.

Who was St. Jude?

St. Jude, who is known as one of Jesus’ twelve apostles and possibly his cousin, receives limited mention in the Bible, yet was a powerful messenger of Christ’s teachings throughout Galilee, Samaria, and Judea. On October 28th, the Catholic Church honors Saint Jude Thaddeus. He is known for penning one of the Bible’s shortest books: The Letter of Jude. He journeyed even further to Mesopotamia (currently Iraq) sometime around 37 A.D., eventually being martyred in Beirut, Lebanon circa 65 A.D. He is usually depicted with a club or axe representing his demise, as well as an indication of the Pentecost – often represented by the flame atop his head.

Despite being largely absent in the Bible with only one quote attributed to him (John 14:22) and his unassuming presence, St. Jude is now held in high regard among Catholics today. His popularity may likely be due to his patronage of lost causes; a tale of an experience Jude had while in Edessa has been suggested as a source for this association.

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According to Eusebius, an ancient church historian, Jesus was asked by Abgar V, ruler of Edessa, who suffered an agonizing and incurable disease to visit him. Recognizing the power behind God’s miracles he had heard about, Abgar sent a letter asking for assistance. Jesus responded with words that He would send one of his disciples instead. After the Ascension of Jesus, Jude went to bring His message of hope and healing to Abgar. When Jude laid his hands on the ailing ruler, a miracle happened – Abgar was cured immediately.

An increasing number of people find comfort in wearing St. Jude’s image, whether it be a medal or pendant on a necklace and routinely call upon him when needing help with healing. 

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