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The 10 Best Finance Podcasts We’ve Been Hooked On

The 10 Best Finance Podcasts We’ve Been Hooked On

In the current era, financial podcasts have earned immense popularity, allowing listeners to learn more about finance, investments, and related topics. This article presents the author’s picks of the popular finance podcasts currently available. Along with the curated binge-worthy list, the article informs readers about each podcast’s streaming platform, airing days, and the duration of its episodes.

Finance, and many subcategories, do not seem obvious topics for podcasts because it is more visual; however, the varied influx of podcasts about money, investments, and market shares, has proven that there is a lot to discuss without the need for visual aids. In fact, in recent years, some of the most intriguing podcasts have come from experts in finance and fanatics.

In this article, we have rounded up some of the most popular finance podcasts. So, pull up a streaming service on your smart device, bring a friendly interactive home speaker, and unmute your laptop- it’s time to learn, listen, and interact with financial projects even more.

What Are Finance Podcasts?

A financial or finance podcast is a program/show made available on the streaming giants or on the internet that the users can download for illustrated listening.

A finance podcast is bound to cover a varied range of topics including personal finance, investments, the world’s economic scenario, inflation, share markets, and many more. Additionally, the podcasts are generally hosted and invite guests who are either finance experts or enthusiast

10 Finance Podcasts to Add To Your Listening Rotation In 2024

10. Money For The Rest Of Us

Money For The Rest Of Us
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs: On Wednesday’s
  • Episode Duration: 30 Minutes 

One of the much sought-after Apple podcasts, Money For The Rest of Us is hosted by the former chief investment strategist and money manager, J. David Stein. The podcast focuses on a variety of topics including how money works, how to invest in podcasts, and how to spend your life without worrying about it. The podcasts, which are aimed at young individuals, also educate people about managing finances in an easier language.

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9. AffordAnything

AffordAnything one of the Best Finance Podcasts
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs: Twice a Week while days may vary
  • Episode Duration: 60 Minutes or More

“In her podcast, ‘Afford Anything,’ the host Paula Pant conducts insightful interviews with a wide range of experts, including millionaires, seasoned investors, successful entrepreneurs, and individuals who have achieved early retirement.” Additionally, the coach educates the listeners on how to manage their finances and focus on their time management, attention, time, energy, and focus.

8. Women & Money

Women & Money
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs: On Sundays and Thursdays
  • Episode Duration: 20 to 30 Minutes 

With a focus on empowering and supporting women, Suza, the host, provides valuable guidance and mentorship on understanding and managing financial resources. Her impactful messages inspire listeners to look within themselves and take charge of their financial well-being.

7. The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show one of the Best Finance Podcasts
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs: On Weekdays; Days May Vary
  • Episode Duration: 2 Hours 6 Minutes

A daily radio and podcast show, The Ramsey Show is hosted by Dave Ramsey wherein the host offers advice and aid for decisions in life and wealth by answering questions from the listeners to learn and educate them on how to take themselves out of debt and start measuring for their future. It also provides tips to the listeners on how to manage things around them, motivating listeners to keep better financial records. The major goal of the host is to come up with a plan which can be worked by anyone.

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6. Masters in Business

_Bloomberg Masters in Business Podcast
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs: On Weekdays
  • Episode Duration: Flexible (1 Minute to 1 Hour 18 Minutes)

Bloomberg hosts a daily podcast wherein they feature higher profile guests and does not involve the daily financial news that can cover the daily-life accountability. A weekly show, Bloomberg chooses a topic related to business, finance, and economics, and delves into the details by interviewing some of the famous personalities.

5. Fast Money Podcast

Fast Money Podcast one of the Best Finance Podcasts
  • Listen On: Apple, CNBC
  • Airs: Weekdays
  • Episode Duration: 43 Minutes

The Fast Money Podcast, produced by CNBC and hosted by Melissa Lee, is widely regarded as one of the premier daily podcasts. The show offers in-depth discussions between the host and guests about market drivers, overnight events in Asia, and upcoming trends. This daily podcast is ideal for individuals who want to stay well-informed about global developments.

4. M&A Science

M&A Science
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs: On Weekends
  • Episode Duration: 1 Hour

Under the leadership of CEO Kisan Patel, the M&A Science podcast provides valuable insights into the finance and education sectors. The podcast delves into the intricate world of mergers and acquisitions, featuring in-depth discussions and research with prominent industry entrepreneurs and experts. Each episode thoroughly examines the various facets of acquisitions, such as analysing financial records, and provides comprehensive insights. The podcast regularly features distinguished industry professionals and new episodes are released every two weeks.

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3. The Disciplined Investor

The Disciplined Investor one of the Best Finance Podcasts
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs On: Weekends
  • Episode Duration: 1 Hour

The Disciplined Investor is a weekly show hosted by industry expert, Andrew Horowitz. In each episode, they delve into the latest financial trends and offer valuable insights for making sound investment decisions. The show also covers the latest incidents with financial aspects. For instance, the show covered the US-China Tariff Wars and explained topics such as investment portfolios, currency fluctuations, and many more.

2. We Study Billionaires

We Study Billionaires
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs: Alternate Weekdays
  • Duration: 50 Mins to 2 Hours

Known as the largest stock investing podcast show, We Study Billionaires has more than $150,000,000 downloads and is hosted by a group of financial experts including Stig Broderson, Preston Pysh, William Green, Clay Finck, and Kyle Grieve. In the podcast, the host interviews prominent entrepreneurs like Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier and teaches the listeners about how to manage their finances.

1. Planet Money

Planet Money one of the Best Finance Podcasts
  • Listen On: Apple
  • Airs: On Weekdays
  • Duration: 20 to 30 Minutes 

Planet Money is an NPR money-related podcast featuring guests’ comments about what is happening in the financial world. For instance, the podcast recently covered topics such as how Vladimir Putin has managed the financial situation of Russia and the inflation in the last two years. A National Public Radio Show, Planet Money attracts millions of listeners who are looking for insights to investments.

Final Words

Like financial television shows, the best true financial podcasts plunge you into the world of finance, business, and money while giving you helpful advice for a safe investment. True finance podcasts have skyrocketed in audience’s popularity saying that most of the listeners have listened to The Ramsey Show. The above-mentioned list is curated carefully and will appeal to the financier’s taste, explaining terms related to personal finance management to the much-sought Russia’s economic conditions to teach appropriate investments and more.

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