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The 10 Best Places To Visit In Portugal

Best Places To Visit In Portugal

Portugal is a southwestern European country. In this article, we talk about some of the best places to visit in Portugal. A few of the most popular things to do at those destinations are also explored.

Numerous people have been traveling to Portugal nowadays. This is because of the unique art and cultural richness the country offers, along with its western charisma. It’s one of the oldest countries in Europe, where one can enjoy the best food and wine in the world. To learn about some of the best places to visit in Portugal, keep reading.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Portugal

There is so much to fall in love with Portugal and its seaside resort towns, mountain peaks, and greeny river valleys. Some of the most famous places in Portugal are as follows:

1. Lisbon

Lisbon - Famous Places To Visit In Portugal

The foremost place that one should visit is the capital city. Its rich architecture, combined with the charismatic vibe makes it one of the most spectacular cities in Europe. Over the past few years, Lisbon has seen something not less than a makeover. There are no limitations to the things you can do in Lisbon.

Top 5 things to do in Lisbon:

  1. Take a walk around the city
  2. Ride the 28 tram
  3. Visit a ceramics shop
  4. Eat a pastel de nata
  5. Climb to the top of the Panteão Nacional

2. Porto

Porto - The 10 Best Places To Visit In Portugal

Porto comes in second place in terms of area, just behind Lisbon. The city is known for its bridges, wine, and rooftop views. Tourism has significantly increased at this place, considering the number of cafes and bars that have recently opened up in the city. They highly contribute to the vibrant aura of Porto. Even though it is a very famous place in Portugal, Porto is definitely worth the hype. Furthermore, it also has aesthetic bookstores and cinemas for old-school enthusiasts.

Top 5 things to do in Porto:

  1. Enjoy a wine tasting at the Port Wine Cellars
  2. Explore Bolhão Market and Santa Catarina Shopping Street
  3. Go to the São Roque Gardens
  4. Buy a book at Livraria Lello
  5. Watch films at Batalha Cinema Centre

3. Douro Valley

Douro Valley - Great Places To Visit In Portugal

Just an hour away from Porto, or two if you take a train or bus rather than a car, Douro is one of the most enchanting valleys in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Douro is famous for the vinho verde (green wine) produced there, along with wine tasting and vineyard yards for tourists. It has a once-in-a-lifetime view combined with historically significant architecture. This is why Douro is considered one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and its natural beauty remains unmatchable. 

Top 5 things to do in Douro Valley:

  1. Visit the Quinta do Seixo wineries
  2. Wine tasting at Quinta do Bomfim
  3. Take a boat tour along the Douro River
  4. Visit the Côa museum
  5. Explore the Parque Natural do Douro Internacional

4. Sintra

Sintra - The 10 Best Places To Visit In Portugal

One of the most serene places in Portugal, Sintra is no less than a gem. Touring Sintra is a rollercoaster experience as it is filled with palaces, historical architecture, and much more. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, tourists at least require one day to absorb the aura of this city. It’s a famous destination for hiking lovers. However, you definitely need to be strong in order to walk through the beautiful yet demanding hills. Even one look at Sintra’s views will leave you in awe. It is also popular as one of the seven Wonders of Portugal.

Top 5 things to do in Sintra:

  1. Visit the Pena Palace
  2. Get to the top of Moorish Castle
  3. Eat Queijada
  4. Visit Monserrate Palace
  5. Explore Quinta da Regaleira 

5. Évora

Évora - Popular Places To Visit In Portugal

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Évora is one of the most charming destinations. It is famous for its eye-pleasing monuments. Its rich history dates back to the second century, with another tourist highlight from around ten centuries ago. Meanwhile, the city is also filled with vibrant energy and a sober personality. Some of the more sightseeing destinations include museums and restaurants where you can feel at home, even if you belong to an entirely different nation.

Top 5 things to do in Évora:

  1. Explore the Roman Temple of Diana
  2. Walk through Chapel of Bones
  3. Mark your presence at Évora Cathedral
  4. Walk down through Giraldo Square
  5. Visit Évora Museum 

6. The Minho

The Minho - Best Places To Visit In Portugal

Another one on our list of the best places to visit in Portugal is The Minho. This is the region responsible for the vineyard-covered valleys that the nation is famous for. It is filled with mountains, beaches, rivers, and whatnot. Nonetheless, since it’s Portugal, there are some things that you would find almost every other second in The Minho such as history, culture, natural beauty, and, of course, wine. 

Top 5 things to do in The Minho:

  1. Visit The Barcelos Cock
  2. Sightseeing at Monte de Santa Luzia
  3. See Valença-Tui International Bridge
  4. Walk around the Roman Milestone
  5. See the Municipal Museum Centre of Valença

7. Coimbra

Coimbra - Beautiful Places To Visit In Portugal

Another city on our list whose historical monuments are classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites is Coimbra. It is among Portugal’s most famous places to visit and is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe. The University of Coimbra is built in the place of a former palace. It is famous for its baroque library, the Biblioteca Joanina, and 18th-century bell tower. Furthermore, the city, which has a warm atmosphere, was once the capital of the country. We suggest you plan your visit during the academic year to truly see the student life.

Top 5 things to do in Coimbra:

  1. Visit the Coimbra University
  2. Go to the Roman town of Conimbriga
  3. Explore the Machado de Castro Museum
  4. Pay a visit to Santa Cruz Monastery
  5. See the Old Cathedral

8. Óbidos

Óbidos - Top Places To Visit In Portugal

Visiting this city in Portugal during the festival season is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The surreal view of a city covered with magnificent castles is something that nobody wants to miss. People say that their foundation goes all the way back to the Roman era. Furthemore, the bright flowers and souvenir shops you can find in Óbidos have turned into one of the most romantic places in Portugal. Lores suggests that the city was gifted to a queen by his husband. Thus, Óbidos is also nicknamed “The Town of Queens.” 

Top 5 things to do in Óbidos:

  1. Explore the Óbidos Castle
  2. Pay a visit to Igreja de Santa Maria
  3. Drink Ginja de Óbidos
  4. Visit the Municipal Museum
  5. Take a walk at the Buddha Eden Garden

9. Aveiro 

Aveiro - Popular Places To Visit In Portugal

When talking about things to do in Portugal, visiting Aveiro cannot be missed from our list. Popularly known as the “Venice of Portugal,” Aveiro has picturesque architecture, canals, and boats. The city is no less than a heaven for art lovers. Truly, if you soak in the view, it looks a lot like a painting has come to life. Meanwhile, people can also reach Costa Nova to enjoy the coast. We recommend you opt for a guide to learn in-depth about the city’s rich history and culture.

Top 5 things to do in Aveiro:

  1. Explore the Art Nouveau scene
  2. Try ovos moles
  3. Visit the Sé Cathedral
  4. Explore the Aveiro Museum
  5. Visit the Natural Reserve of São Jacinto Dunes

10. Algarve

Algarve - Famous Places To Visit In Portugal

Algarve is a tourist place in Portugal that has been showered with love by sun lovers. You can experience the most joy while at a beach or seaside resort. One can also spend their day between waves, and take long walks on the oceanside. Not only this, it’s a family-friendly place that has sunshine throughout the year. Initially, Europeans were only familiar with Algarve as a tourist destination. This is because of the gorgeous landscape and beaches.

Top 5 things to do in Algarve:

  1. Kayak into Benagil caves
  2. Visit Faro
  3. Hike the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail
  4. Go coasteering and cliff jumping in Lagos
  5. Go surfing

Ending Words

Whether it’s your first trip to Portugal or not, we suggest you don’t sleep on the destinations mentioned above. Even if your trip is short, try to make every place a little stop. So, pack your bags for Portugal and embark on an adventure like never before.

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