A Complete Guide To Product Service Management: Is It Really Important?

A Complete Guide To Product Service Management: Is It Really Important?

Product service management means tailoring your offerings based on the responses or feedback of your consumers. This article discusses the term in detail, along with its functions, importance, and activities.

Do you ever wonder how some platforms know exactly what you want? This is because brands have learned to focus on the needs of their consumers and cater their services exactly the way the audience likes them. Understanding the wants, expectations, and needs of customers makes a product or a brand preferred by the audience. In this article, we discuss product service management in detail, including its examples, functions, importance, and more.

What is product service management?

Product service management is the process of molding your company’s offering in a way that the target audience prefers. It involves analyzing what they desire and guiding the product development process in an aligned way. This serves as a plus point as it ensures customer satisfaction and that the company does not face a declination stage in its product life cycle. It is a very crucial aspect of the marketing process and includes the following functions:

  • Builds the product image.
  • Ensures customer demand and retention.
  • Expand the target audience base.
  • Market the product to the right audience.
  • Improving existing offerings through feedback.

One of the best product service management examples is the Apple iPhone. We see little updates or changes almost every year. What is the purpose behind it? It simply aims to enhance the user experience, software, hardware, and product design.

A Complete Guide To Product Service Management: Is It Really Important?

What are the functions of a product service management officer?

The main role of a product service manager is to ensure that the customer experience is never compromised. Making them stick to your brand, even if it requires constant improvement, is the main priority. Their step-by-step functions are mentioned below.

Identify customer needs

How is it possible to make someone happy without knowing their likes and dislikes? Thus, the first step is to identify what the customer is looking for. This feedback can be taken in different ways, such as ratings, sales, or surveys.

Analyze the competition

It is easy to get into the market, but difficult to stay relevant. Thus, to stay ahead of the competition, a competitive analysis is very important. One should look at the distinguishing features of a product or service and make their customers aware of them.

Learn about the market changes

By thoroughly analyzing the economic or social changes in the world, people can predict future trends and tailor their product development process accordingly.

Turn insights into action 

Last but not least, an action plan is mandatory. Product service managers, after learning in depth about customers, markets, and competitors, need to work on the feedback received. This way, customer satisfaction will always remain constant for your brand.

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Why is product service management important?

There are several benefits to product service management. When products are well managed, there is a higher chance of driving profit and lower failure rates. Some of its advantages are as follows:

Improved product differentiation

Researching the market is important for bringing innovative changes to your offerings. Through constant evolution, you will be able to design products or services that will not only meet the customers’ expectations but also shine out of the competition.

Optimized profit margin

Rather than wasting your precious resources on useless things, you can direct them toward something valuable. This will solve the users’ problems without causing a hole in your pocket. 

Increased customer satisfaction

By responding to the queries or desires of your target audience in a meaningful way, you can improve their product experience. This will tell them that you care for them and boost their satisfaction, along with building loyalty.

A Complete Guide To Product Service Management: Is It Really Important?

What are the activities involved in product service management?

Anything that aims to obtain, develop, maintain, or improve the company’s offerings comes under product service management. It also comprises the creation of a product fix and its regular updates throughout the product’s life cycle based on socioeconomic trends. Make sure that all the factors align with the demographic or financial status of your target audience.

Final words

To sum up the article, product service management is solely focused on the customer’s experience. By getting insights into their engagement with your products, you get to know better what keeps them hooked on a product or service. Moreover, it also builds a loyal fanbase for the brand in the long run.

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