Billie Eilish Adds Over 100 Million Followers to ‘Close Friends,’ Netizens React

Billie Eilish Adds Over 100 Million Followers to ‘Close Friends,’ Netizens React

Were you also added to Billie Eilish’s Instagram story? Well, over 100 million of her followers were. The singer surprised everyone by posting an image of a hand. But that’s not surprising, is it? Her mysterious personality was highlighted when everyone saw that green ring around her Instagram story. 

On April 4, 2024, the 22-year-old singer took the internet by storm as netizens filled social media with their reactions to her move. Many consider her story a potential announcement for her new album. In February 2024, she shared that her third studio album had been mastered. However, the star has not shared further details about her upcoming project.

In the story that she posted on Thursday, her hand is visible in either an underwater location or stars shining in the night sky.

People began to feel special about being BFFs with the nine-time Grammy winner. Their expectations came crashing down when everyone shared the same things about themselves. With her story, the singer gained millions of followers. She had 111 million followers before the story was posted, and well, now the number is constantly increasing. 

Many of her followers took to multiple social media platforms to share their opinions on this move. One user wrote,

She added everyone chill you guys. It’s called marketing and it worked lol.

Some other user wrote,

04/04/24 Billie Eilish broke the internet.

It would be wrong to say that even if it was a marketing move, it appeared to be a great and pretty successful one. It has increased engagement on her profile and made the fans feel special, even if it was for a short time.

For the unversed, Instagram allows you to add all your followers as close friends at a time.

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