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“Black Knight” (Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary

“Black Knight” (Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary

Black Knight is a science fiction k-drama story. Black Knight Season 1 will be released on Netflix in the year 2022. It’s expected that season 1 will be a successful hit South Korean series on Netflix. Black knight netflix is a science fiction series. Thus, the plot is such that it offers a vision of the future.

Cho Ui Seok is the director of k drama black knight season 1 and he’s also famous for his work on Cold Eyes and Master. Black knight kdrama is a science fiction series. It is loosely based on the webtoon Taekbaegisa by Lee Yoon Kyun.

Release date of the black knight on Netflix:

People predicted the black knight season 2 korean drama will get released in 2022. But, there’s no official date announced by Netflix. Thus, it’s hard to say its release date. Yet it’s said that it will get released in November-December 2022 or it can be also pushed back to release in 2023. Fans are still anticipating an early release.

What will happen in the Black Knight season 1?

The black Knight is a science fiction story. In it we will be seeing that only one percent of the world’s population has survived. The earth faces a toxic wave that destroys almost everything in 2071. Only a few survived and they were prohibited to come out of their homes. They can only come out if there was an emergency and they should wear a gas mask because of the pollution.

“Black Knight” (Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary

Cast members

Along with Black knight, he will be also seen in a few upcoming Netflix K-Dramas. Along with Kim Woo Bin, Esom who’s making Black Knight her first for Netflix. She’s a TV personality and worked in at most five Korean dramas. But, this is the first time she works in a Netflix k-drama series. Only a few of the cast members got revealed such as Kim Woo Bin, Kim Eui Sung etc.

Other cast members’ names will get revealed too in the upcoming weeks.

Filming Status Of Black knight

Black knight korean drama filming started on 12th March. It will be ongoing for 2 months. But shooting will get completed before May or June 2022 as it’s predicted to release towards the end of 2022. K-drama lovers are super excited for Black knight and it will be one of the hit k-drama series on Netflix.

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