BOPP Bags: An Ideal Packaging Solution for Your Business 

BOPP Bags: An Ideal Packaging Solution for Your Business 

The packaging of goods for retail sales is ideal for BOPP/OPP laminated PP woven bags. They are manufactured by laminating a high-resolution printed film on PP fabric, and as a result, are sturdy, waterproof, and fashionable. In addition to serving as storage containers, polypropylene woven bags can shield the contents from damp and humidity. Coated PP woven bags and OPP laminated PP woven bags are the 2 varieties of PP bags that effectively carry out the aforementioned purpose. BOPP packaging is a material that is stretched in two opposite directions, which also gives it a distinctive molecular chain. Its parent material, PP, the second-most produced synthetic plastic in the world, is used to make BOPP woven bags, which are incredibly cost-effective packaging options. 

Big PP woven bag is laminated with OPP film, which is an excellent gravure printing film. As a result, printing will undoubtedly be present on the OPP film laminated PP bag, and the printed material will be gravure printed with accurate images and fine details. The BOPP packaging material is frequently used for fast food, organic veggies, and sweets. Plastic packaging can easily be coated, printed, and laminated to get the desired appearance and attributes.

PP woven bags with OPP lamination are always covered in OPP film. Compared to coated PP woven bags, this bag has a greater gloss or matte and higher aesthetics. Gravure printing will be done on OPP film before it is laminated to woven PP bags. As a result, compared to coated PP woven bags, suppliers will need extra time to make these bags. Due to the price of OPP film and gravure printing technique, laminated PP woven bags will be substantially more expensive than coated PP woven bags. 


These bags have the same characteristics as their parent substance, polypropylene. In addition to its typical characteristics, BOPP’s Biaxial Orientation technique increases the material’s toughness, clarity, rigidity, and resistance to lubricants like oil and grease. Further advantages include resilience to impact, flex cracks, and low temperatures. Together with the adjustable transparency and improved oxygen and water vapour barriers, it can also be greatly changed.

The long-term use of the items depends on all these distinctive characteristics. basic knowledge about polypropylene PP raw materials Polypropylene (PP) is a propylene monomer thermoplastic resin polymerization system. The main components are the calm and gathered it and other regulatory materials. With respect to molecular weight (MW weight distribution), county, and three-dimensional regularity, PP behaviour varies. The typical structure is highly crystalline, has a melting point, high continuous use temperatures of up to 100–120 °C, a melting point of up to 167 °C, outstanding thermal resistance, and is suitable for steam sterilisation. 

How to use woven fabric bags made of BOPP and PP? 

The material used to create BOPP packaging and PP woven fabric bags is a plastic known as polypropylene. This plastic is sturdy yet lightweight, making it the perfect substance for bags. Whereas PP woven fabric bags are frequently used to package apparel, BOPP bags are primarily used to package food. Simply put your food item inside the bag and seal it shut to use a BOPP bag. You must first place a cardboard or plastic insert into the bottom of a PP woven fabric bag before using it. This will assist the bag hold its shape and prevent your items from tumbling out. After that, put your stuff inside the bag and close it. 

Advantages of PP and BOPP woven fabric bags 

Compared to conventional bags, BOPP and PP woven fabric bags have several advantages. While being light and portable, they are robust and long-lasting. They can be recycled numerous times, reducing waste and cost. They are perfect for storing food and other products that need to stay dry because they are also moisture-resistant. 

Use of BOPP and PP woven fabric bags 

The fact that BOPP and PP woven fabric bags are not that sturdy as other types of bags can be a drawback. This implies that they are more likely to tear and shatter, which can lead to contents leaking out and becoming polluted. Compared to other solutions on the market, these bags are frequently more expensive.  

Use of woven polypropylene bags 

Woven polypropylene bags find use in the following:  

1. Agricultural product packaging 

PP woven bags are frequently used to carry and store agricultural items like fruits, vegetables, feeds, and marine products. 

2. Food packaging

woven PP bags or BOPP packaging are increasingly used to package food. 

3. Geological engineering 

Irrigation systems, highways, railroads, harbours, mines, and other constructions are frequently built with PP woven fabrics. Due to their ability to sieve, drain, segregate, and stop leaks, PP woven fabrics are among the most well-known geosynthetics. 

4. Transportation and the tourism industry 

Temporary tents, sunshades, and other types of travel bags can all be made using PP woven fabrics. Plastic woven fabrics can also be utilised to construct fence panels and posts. 

5. Daily necessities 

Nowadays, practically everyone uses PP woven bags, including workers, farmers, and cargo brokers. Almost everywhere, including stores, storage facilities, and houses, you may find plastic weaved products (such shopping bags, logistic support bags, etc.). 

6. Flood mitigation products 

The negative effects of flooding are greatly mitigated or prevented by the use of woven bags. They are extensively employed in the construction of dams, riverbanks, roads, and railroads. Woven polypropylene sandbags are commonly deployed. 

7. Decorative weaved bags 

For example, UV-resistant woven bags contain an anti-aging component in addition to UV protection, which helps them survive longer in the sun. 

PP woven bags and BOPP packaging bags are the tough, dependable, and effective packing option. For sugar, grain products, and other flour mixtures, woven polypropylene bags have proved a highly effective focus solution. These bags are used by the fertilizer, agriculture, cement, insecticide, feed, and other sectors. As required, it is also available in several design variants. Visit Anita Plastics to know more about BOPP packaging.  

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