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Brittany Schmitt Bio: From Corporate Lawyer to Social Media Influencer

Brittany Schmitt Bio: From Corporate Lawyer to Social Media Influencer

Brittany Schmitt is a comedian, an entrepreneur, a producer, and a talent acquisition consultant. While Brittany Schmitt wears multiple hats, she’s famous for her stand up comedy. Who is this diva with multitudes of talent and multifaceted activities? In this post, we’ll learn about Brittany Schmitt, her work, her family, relationships, and net worth.

Who is Brittany Schmitt?

Brittany Schmitt is a famous comedian, social media and TV personality, content creator, producer, and a working professional who’s adored in the USA and outside for her stanky comedy and her “insidious” brand of humor. 

Brittany Schmitt was born on August 15, 1990 in Wisconsin. She grew up with a sibling Heather. Her mother Gayle Schmitt is no more. She currently lives in Los Angeles. Brittany Schmitt has a successful career in standup comedy and her self titled production – Brittany Schmitt: From Ho to Housewife has gotten widespread popularity. She is a white Christian who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, and a Leo by zodiac sign.

Brittany Schmitt career

Brittany Schmitt has been into writing comedic sequences since her childhood. After graduating from Marquette University with majors in communications and psychology, Brittany Schmitt started her career in stand up comedy. She’s built a significant following. She’s been featured on Comedy Central and produced a TV special called Brittany Schmitt: From Ho to Housewife, to great audience response.

Apart from standup comedy, Brittany Schmitt is a Talent Acquisition Consultant at her own firm Brittany Schmitt LLC.

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Brittany Schmitt net worth

This 33 year old has amassed a net worth of $2.5 million so far. If she produces more successful specials like “From Ho to Housewife” we’re sure, her net worth will grow significantly in the future.

Brittany Schmitt TV special

Brittany Schmitt wrote, produced, and starred in a TV special Brittany Schmitt: From Ho to Housewife in 2022. Drew Vaughan directed the special. It was pretty well received. The special started with light-hearted jokes about how the comic used to drink a lot. After a while, her set became more edgy and dark. 

Sudden shifts to dark humor are Brittany Schmitt’s thing and it often causes her to lose the audience. But impressively she sticks to her style and delivers powerful performances every time. She’ll definitely grow better and perform on bigger stages more regularly as she hones are comedy skills with time.

Brittany Schmitt Bio: From Corporate Lawyer to Social Media Influencer

Brittany Schmitt and the NBA star she hooked up with

In one of her sets Brittany Schmitt mentioned that she got in touch with an NBA player who she hooked up with a few years ago. She said that the former NBA player had become a Jehova’s Witness and asked her to repent for her sins. She also mentioned that the player was light skinned. 

NBA fans were quick to add the dots and identify former NBA star Danny Granger as Brittany Schmitt’s NBA hookup. Although nothing has been confirmed in this respect, Danny Granger got a sudden spotlight after having played his last NBA game way back in 2015. 

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Brittany Schmitt family

Brittany Schmitt is married to Chris Rutkowski who is also a comedian and a creative director and talent acquisition consultant at Brittany Schmitt LLC. The two have been married since 2017. We know very little about their personal lives and future plans.

Wrapping up 

Brittany Schmitt is a successful standup comic with a bright future. She’s bet on her comedic talent and produced a successful TV special. Brittany’s got some jokes that will surely kill at the biggest of stages. She’s been married since 2017 and there are no major controversies around her. Her dark humor may be a product of her knowledge of psychology. Brittany Schmitt has a net worth of $2.5 million.

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