Want To Get Started With Ghost Commerce? Check Out The Ways

What is Ghost Commerce? How to Get Started?

People are calling ghost commerce the “simplest risk-free” business model in 2024. Apparently, not a lot of people know about it yet; hence, it presents a good chance of fast establishment without facing a lot of competition. But what is ghost commerce? And how can you get started with it? Is ghost commerce strictly a side hustle, or can it sustain you? We’ll answer all of these questions in this post.

What is ghost commerce?

They are actually pretty similar. “Ghost commerce is affiliate marketing, content marketing, and the internet rolled into one.”

Let’s say ‘A’ builds a product, but they do not have the time or resources to build an online presence, promote, market, and sell the product directly to the buyers. ‘B’ has a social presence, development, and marketing prowess to promote the product. So, ‘B’ builds the online shop for the product and brings the customers who want to buy the product that ‘A’ builds, and ‘A’ sells the product, offering a chunk of the profit to ‘B’ for the services.

If you are smart, you have understood by now that ghost commerce is not an alien concept. It’s a different name for a middle-person. You use your marketing skills to sell someone else’s products. That’s all there is to it.

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Is ghost commerce an easy way to make money?

A lot of people will try to sell e-books and ghost commerce guides to you, citing how easy it is to make passive income through ghost commerce. Buy the guides by all means, but do not for a second believe that ghost commerce is easy and doesn’t require any skills or investments.

Understand the simple truth of ghost commerce: you are essentially a shopkeeper without a physical shop. So, you need to have every skill that a shopkeeper has, but in a digital format.

In order to be successful, you need to know

  • How to build a digital storefront
  • How to manage inventory to enhance the customer experience
  • What products should be promoted at what point?
  • Which influencers to partner with
  • How do you build a strong social media presence?

Well, you get the drift. Can you make money doing ghost commerce? Yes.

Is it easy money? No.

How to get started with ghost commerce?

1. Choose a niche

What is it that you are passionate about? Is it shoes, clothes, or home decor items? Choose a niche that you care about—something that you’ll never get tired of talking about. Spend some time on this step. It’s important.

2. Build a front

It can be a website, your social media page, or a YouTube channel. This is going to be your place of business, a place where you generate content, gather people, and set up affiliate links.

3. Build an audience

Keep posting useful content about your niche. If your front is a website, then try blogging, apply standard SEO techniques, and create a social media presence to direct viewers to your website. If it’s a social page, be genuine and relentless with your activity.

Offer insights that the layperson may find enlightening. Or, simply entertain them with your quirky take on things related to your niche. Over time, you will build an audience. You can bid goodbye to any hope of generating passive income unless you build an audience.

4. Get the affiliate links

It’s time to do some business. Find out which brands you want to promote through your channel. Do not be selling makeup products from a site where you’ve been talking about organic fruit juices relentlessly. Or, do that if you are creative enough to pull that off. Who am I to deter you?

Get the affiliate links on your profile bio or build a bridge page where all your affiliate links are housed (if you have multiple links).

You keep creating content that promotes the products and keeps your audience engaged at the same time, and you hope that people use your affiliate links to buy the products. If they do, you get a little cut.

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While trying your hand at ghost commerce as a side hustle, you learn a lot of internet marketing skills. You keep getting better over time; learn strategies that can accelerate the process of earning. Should you ever choose to bring your own product to market, or maybe something one of your friends makes, you can use this platform to build an actual e-commerce business. Moreover, you can create courses teaching what you’ve learned in your journey. There are a lot of possibilities in ghost commerce. You can make a living off of ghost commerce. But you have to work for it.

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