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Brittney Atwood Bio: Net Worth, Career, Family, Stardom, & More

Brittney Atwood Bio: Net Worth, Career, Family, Stardom, & More

The one and only Brittney Atwood is best known for her appearances in her husband Roman Atwood’s vlogs. This YouTube sensation has millions of subscribers who look forward to his latest uploads featuring the lovebirds. They are also accompanied by their two children Kane Alexander and Cora. Though she also maintains a channel under her own name where she posts individual videos, it is mainly through Roman that the world knows about this family-oriented social media star.

She has a powerful presence on Instagram, flaunting an impressive 2.8 million followers and 1.1 million fans on Twitter. The couple gathered huge attention with their creative prank videos. Roman and Brittney dated for 10 years before finally tying the knot in July 2018.

Brittney Atwood Net Worth

For quite some time, Atwood has been a part of her husband’s vlogs. Now their channel has 15 million followers and they have earned substantial income from YouTube revenue as a result. Brittney Atwood and her husband have built an impressive net worth of $12 million by 2023.

About Brittney Atwood

Born Brittney Smith on the 16th of February, 1991 in Ohio, Britney Atwood’s parents separated during her childhood. She and her father maintained a remarkable bond. Brittney remembers their fishing trips as some of the best memories from that time. She also has an excellent relationship with her stepmother to this day.

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How did Brittney Atwood Get Famous?

Brittney was a typical girl when she met Roman in 2008 and started dating him. After graduating from high school, she became an assistant to a dentist. During the same period, she got pregnant with her first child. To take care of her son, Brittney gave up work and relocated to stay with Roman. It was then that luck shone upon his boyfriend and he became a big celebrity on YouTube. She also began to appear in Roman’s vlogs at this stage.

Brittney Atwood Bio: Net Worth, Career, Family, Stardom, & More

Roman and Brittney’s “Anniversary Prank Backfires” video propelled them to a famous status. In the clip, Roman plays a trick on her by saying he is unfaithful. Roman was unaware that Brittney had spotted him setting up the camera. To teach Roman a lesson, Brittney pretends to be hurt and then tells him that she cheated on him which he believes without hesitation.

As the video concludes, she reveals that she was aware of his stealthy plan and had pranked him right back. By January 2017, her video had more than 85 million views. Nowadays, she is occupied with assisting her husband to record vlogs and managing his merchandise operations.

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Why is Brittney Atwood So Special?

It’s no wonder she is the subject of envy as she is married to one of YouTube’s most prominent stars. But what really stands out about her is how beautiful and poised she appears. It’s so captivating that millions of people are drawn to her and have nothing but admiration for her gracefulness.

Despite the malicious comments from certain members of Roman’s fan base, Brittney keeps on leading her life with her head held high. Many Roman fans labeled her a “gold digger” but Brittney held an unconditional love for him before his YouTube debut. Instead of responding to these derogatory remarks, she chooses to ignore them. She knows what she is doing and she does not need to justify her faithfulness to trolls.

She has faced life’s hardships by standing alongside her husband, which illuminates the depth of her love and humility. She also takes very good care of Noah who is Roman’s son from a prior marriage. Her supportive nature and motherly heart make this woman truly special.

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