BTS Fan Faces Sexual Assault Charges For Kissing Jin

BTS Fan Faces Sexual Assault Charges For Kissing Jin

BTS’ Jin wanted to do something incredible for his fans after his military discharge, but things took an unexpected turn. The whole BTS Festa 2024 turned into a controversy after two fans kissed Jin. 

The hug event, where Jin reunited with his fans, also marked the eleventh anniversary of the group. 

On June 14, the Seoul Songpa Police Station shared that they had received a request to investigate the two fans. The complaint has been filed through the National Petition System.

Jin, who is the eldest member of the boy band, recently wrapped up his military duties. On June 13, he organized a face-to-face event where one thousand of his fans were given the opportunity to meet and hug him.

While most of the fans had a wholesome experience, two among them crossed some boundaries, which created a stir online. 

As the videos went viral on the internet, netizens slammed those fans for poor behavior, as Jin was evidently uncomfortable. Although the suspect has not been arrested as of yet, a formal investigation is underway.

People on the internet expressed their anger and lashed out at the fan for sexually assaulting Jin. They argued that it was invasive and everyone should have treated the event the way it was supposed to be.

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A day after the event, a BTS fan shared with the online fan community that they took the responsibility to report the event. 

As per Koreaboo, the complainant posted online, “I saw reports that Jin was sexually harassed at a hug event with a 1000 fans. This made me so upset as someone who is a fan of BTS’s music. I am requesting that those who sexually harassed Jin be fully investigated as per Article 11 of the Sexual Violent Criminal Act.”

They wrote, “I reported a violation of Article 11 of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act, ‘molestation in a crowded place,’ through the National Petition System.”

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