Butterfly Singer Shifty Shellshock Dies At 49, Police Investigating Cause of Death

Butterfly Singer Shifty Shellshock Dies At 49, Police Investigating Cause of Death

The Crazy Town singer, known by his stage name, Shifty Shellshock, passed away at the age of 49. A Los Angeles Medical county examiner, said in a statement, that a singer whose real name is Seth Brooks Binzer, died at his Los Angeles home on Monday, June 24. 

The statement also mentioned that the cause of death of the Butterfly singer is being investigated by the medical county examiner and police. Nevertheless, a media report by The New York Post, stated that Seth Binzer aka Shifty Shellshock suffered from drug addiction.

The media reports also claim that the deceased celebrity singer has spent a considerable duration in rehab. In 2012, Shifty Shellshock was arrested under the charges of drug possession. The same year, he slipped into a coma, however, he managed to improve.

While another media report claims that the acclaimed singer, Shellshock, was arrested in 2022 and 2023, for driving under alcohol influence, respectively.

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On the work front, Shifty Shellshock, in 1995, along with rapper Bret “Epic” Mazur established the band, Crazy Town. The other band members of the group were Mark White, DJ Rick One, Adam Bravin, and Charles Lopez.

In 2000, the band’s debut album “Butterfly” was released, and become one of the greatest albums of all time while consecutively topping the charts. Nevertheless, the group’s second album turned out to be a flop eventually leading to disintegration. Later, the singer pursued his solo career and released his first solo album, Happy Love Sick, which found average success in European countries.

The singer was open about his struggles and has made appearances on several reality shows to discuss his drug addiction. Shifty participated in two seasons of VH1 “Celebrity Rehab” and two seasons of Sober House, a follow-up show of Celebrity Rehab.

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