Channel 4 Staff Did Not Know About Allegations On Russell Brand

Channel 4 Staff Did Not Know About Allegations On Russell Brand
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The UK-based network Channel 4 has issued a public apology to a former employee after an investigation revealed that they had failed to look into a “serious” complaint made in 2009 against the comedian and actor Russell Brand.

Channel 4 stated in a press release,

The investigation found no evidence to suggest that there was knowledge within the Channel of the allegations contained in the Dispatches program about Russell Brand’s behavior while he was a presenter on Big Brother’s Big Mouth and Kings of Comedy between 2004 and 2007.

These results come months after the Dispatches program mentioned the rape and sexual assault allegations against the comedian.

Brand gained fame after working as a stand-up comic on Channel 4. His notable work includes the spin-off of Big Brother, known as Big Brother’s Big Mouth. Along with that, he has worked in Russell Brand’s Got Issues and The Russell Brand Show.

In a summary report posted by Channel 4, they have revealed that

no evidence was found to substantiate the allegation in the program that Russell Brand’s behavior had been discussed in a commissioning meeting in 2014.

Six months ago, the Channel 4 documentary Dispatches mentioned that four women had accused Brand of emotional abuse, sexual assault, and rape in the past. As per the documentary, these incidents happened between 2006 and 2013. It also showed that the star, who has denied all claims, has shown an abusive and predatory nature in the past. 

Channel 4 also did not fail to mention having no prior evidence of these allegations against Brand.

The press release by the network states,

While the investigation found that the recollections of former and current Channel 4 staff interviewed varied about when concerns around Russell Brand started to circulate within the commissioning team, the investigating team found no written or corroborated evidence to show that suspicions of serious allegations about Russell Brand’s behavior were held within the channel before the special was broadcast.

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