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‘Cocaine Bear’ Review: The Creature-Feature is Ludicrous yet Entertaining

'Cocaine Bear' Review: The Creature-Feature is Ludicrous yet Entertaining

Cocaine Bear brings a unique blend of whimsy and terror to the screen, making it perfect for an evening with a beer or two. The movie combines all the elements of classic slasher films and low-budget creature features. It creates a suspenseful experience as humans battle a drug-crazed black bear in the woods. Elizabeth Banks’ snappy direction and Jimmy Warden’s darkly humorous dialogue make for some good laughs among the tension created by this rampaging murder-bear. The movie gives viewers that midnight movie frisson. 

“Cocaine Bear” is an entertaining blend of Jaws, Friday the 13th, Deliverance, and Yogi Bear. Cocaine Bear will give you a perfect movie night experience. This gloriously silly yet gory B-movie provides all the elements necessary to create an unforgettable evening.

The ’80s ensembles, licensed music, and score from Mark Mothersbaugh (formerly of Devo) contribute to the tacky retro atmosphere. But what makes this a true tribute to old-school exploitation films is its imperfections – it’s slightly farcical. The humans mostly linger around in the forest until they are confronted by the bear. One of the most fragile yet resourceful characters disappears for much of the movie. It not only prevents us from getting acquainted with them but also leaves no room for suspense about their destiny. 

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If Cocaine Bear provided a more engaging search element, such as a thrilling chase scene or intense fight to outsmart the bear, then it would truly capture its audience. Instead of simply leisurely wandering in the woods, viewers should feel immersed in this wild and exciting journey.

The finale was somewhat unsatisfactory. But most of these characters are more one-dimensional. The cast members appear to be aware of what kind of film they’re in. Every performance is so exaggerated that it looks like a caricature.

While the movie fails to provide any meaningful commentary on the war against drugs, Ray Liotta’s captivating performance brings a vibrant authenticity to it all. Even though he plays a villainous drug kingpin, we can’t help but feel sympathetic for him. His desperate and frenzied acting emphasizes that dealers, too, are victims of addiction. They often act out in destructive and self-destructive behavior. As if this isn’t enough intrigue already, there is even an unexpected surprise, believe it or not, involving a bear…that is high on cocaine!

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