What Is Nightmare King Grimm: A Quick Guide On The Concept

What Is Nightmare King Grimm: A Quick Guide On The Concept

The alternative final boss of The Grimm Troupe in Hollow Knight is Nightmare King Grimm. He is Troupe Master Grimm’s Dream form. In order to unlock his Journal post, you must defeat him in Dirtmouth. Defeating him in the Godmaster Icon.png Pantheon of Hallownest and the Godmaster Icon.png Hall of Gods does not unlock his Journal entry. This implies that after his banishment, he will never be able to return.

It is necessary to have the Grimmchild Charm equipped before fighting Nightmare King Grimm. The foundation combat with Nightmare King Grimm is identical to most previous Dream Boss encounters, except it is significantly quicker paced, and most attacks receive additional properties:

  • Nightmare King Grimm dispatches four Fire Bats instead of three. The first and third bats go high, while the second and fourth bats travel low, leaving a large gap in the middle. If the Knight reaches within an arm’s reach before Nightmare King Grimm concludes the assault, he teleports and launches two additional Fire Bats, one high and one low, at the same time.
  • Nightmare King Grimm’s dash uppercut has a shorter wait before launching himself into the air. Instead of five fireballs, Nightmare King Grimm erupts into six.
  • Cloak Spikes: In a short period of time, the spikes become deadly. During the attack, Nightmare King Grimm is not present.
  • Nightmare King Grimm conjures four enormous pillars of flame. Throughout the onslaught, he remains still in the air. One by one, the pillars are summoned. Each pillar begins where the Knight stood and ascends to the top of the arena. A broader, shorter flame appears as a pillar fades away and lingers on the ground for 1 second.
  • Fireballs: The Fireballs travel at a much quicker speed than the Pufferfish.
  • Nightmare King Grimm performs an assault by teleporting to a random location in the arena.
  • If the Knight gets too close to Nightmare King Grimm, he will scamper away from him before attacking. Nightmare King Grimm could start telegraphing for one sort of ground attack, then scamper away and switch to another.

What is the stagger value of the nightmare king grimm?

Similar to the previous combat, knowing what attack is coming and how to evade and/or react is advantageous. The only catch is that he is considerably faster this time, the attack windows are narrower (or, in the case of Cloak Spikes, totally gone), and Nightmare King does two Masks of damage instead of Grimm’s one. Because the Knight can dart through most of Nightmare King Grimm’s strikes if timed correctly, Shade Cloak can be quite useful in this encounter.

Dive Dash: Once the Dive begins, dash, stroll, or leap to dodge it. It is preferable to leap over the Dash. The Knight may also use Great Slash to stall in the air and attack Nightmare King Grimm as he stands up, or timing a down strike on him as he is dashing. The Knight can remain aloft long enough to dodge the flame trail by double leaping while Nightmare King Grimm is dashing. When it completes his sprint and stands up, be aware that his hitbox expands somewhat, causing contact damage to the Knight even if they appear to have avoided the flame trail.

If feasible, sprint away from Nightmare King Grimm, then attack or Great Slash him after he finishes his dash and before he leaps into the air (or use Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek). If there isn’t enough room in the arena to dash away from him, the Knight must pause for a half-second before attempting to shadow dash past him. Otherwise, he flees, leaving the Knight in a perilous situation.

Nightmare Knight Grimm Powers of Healing

The Knight can heal at times when he doesn’t have any healing Charms:

  • After the final flame pillar has formed, another begins to develop.
  • Once, by leaping over one firebat and instantly healing (the following low firebat’s flight path is disrupted by its homing ability, causing it to fly over the Knight’s head, giving time to heal twice)
  • The timing on this, along with the placement element, makes it more difficult after the Cloak Spikes attack starts.
  • When using the Dash Uppercut strike, the Knight can heal once if he dashes away from (rather than through) Nightmare King Grimm. The Knight is sliced in half by it, and the central fireball misses as well, allowing a healing window.
  • Three heals are also feasible during the stagger if the Knight begins healing right after the stagger begins and is ready to move after the third heal.

The Shape of Unn Charm may be used to heal under the Firebats’ attack if the Knight begins healing shortly after the attack begins (as the animation to transition into a slug takes enough time that healing too late causes the Knight to be hit instead). In addition, Shape of Unn makes healing during the Cape Spikes attack simpler, and healing during the Flame Pillars assault is achievable under the same conditions as healing during the Firebats attack. During all of these no-charm healing chances, the Knight’s combo of Quick Focus and Deep Focus allows him to heal two Masks at once.

What are the different types of attacks that King Grimm has?

As a result, the boss only has six attack options:

  • Makes a lengthy lunge before leaping into the air and disappearing. Six clots of flame fall after they vanish into the arena.
  • Appears on top of the arena and rushes towards the character, then attacks for a long time before vanishing. The boss is trailed by a fire trail in this scenario, which can also deal damage.
  • The arena is littered with spikes. During this assault, the King of Nightmare himself does not appear on the battlefield, thus he cannot be injured.
  • He comes to a halt and summons four bats from beneath his cloak, each flying in a different direction, making it much more difficult to avoid. A flame emerges as you construct bats over the palm of the King of Nightmare, which may also deal damage.
  • As it levitates in the center of the arena, it expands and generates a vast number of flame clots. When the King of a Nightmare has 75/50/25 percent health, he launches an assault.
  • The boss assault is perhaps the most difficult. You must hide in a corner and evade the balls here. The height of the leap, as you may know, is determined by how long you hold the key. Remember this as you progress through this level.
  • It’s important to realize that you won’t be able to dodge his strikes right away. It will take you around an hour or two to adjust.


The Nightmare King Grimm Boss is the centrepiece of this Hollow Knight gaming guide. It is the Grimm Troupe’s optional final boss in Hollow Knight. It is Troupe Master Grimm’s Dream form. The tutorial teaches you how to defeat Nightmare King Grimm. We hope you find this tutorial useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many fire bats are there with the Nightmare king grimm?

The nightmare king grimm has four fire bats. The rest of the characters only have three. King Grimm also holds the biggest powers. 

Q2. Is nightmare king grimm considered as the toughest boss?

Nightmare King Grimm is an optional enemy that serves as the actual last battle of the Grimm Troupe narrative and is considered the most challenging fight in the whole game. Memorization is essential for conquering this adversary and advancing one step closer to defeating all of Hollow Knight’s bosses.

Q3. How many hits can the grimm take in total?

The king grimm can take 5 hits in total. When it comes to non-bugged hits, it can also take 5 hits but the margin of error needs to be zero. 

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