We Have Solved The No Caller ID vs. Unknown Caller Debate For You

We Have Solved The No Caller ID vs. Unknown Caller Debate For You
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Caller ID is a feature that displays the caller’s number, name, and other information to the user before answering the call. This feature has evolved into something very important as the number of spam and unwanted calls continues to increase. However, people might have some doubts about the “no caller ID” and “unknown caller.”

What does “Unknown Caller” mean?

You might see an unknown caller on your phone screen before receiving a call, which might mean that the network issues are stopping the caller ID from reaching your device. Moreover, it should be noted that it is possible that the caller is on your contact list and you are still unable to find the caller ID. It is because the phone service identifier simply cannot detect the caller’s identity.

Furthermore, this unknown caller feature may also appear when you are getting an international call. Due to the differences in telecommunication systems, your phone service provider might not recognize their identity. Besides, if you are not expecting a call from an unknown number, there is no need to answer it.

What is “no caller ID”?

If you encounter “no caller ID” during a call, it means that the caller is hiding their identity intentionally. There could be many possible reasons for the same, such as a personal reason or the nature of their work. Moreover, people might hide their identities to control how others use their information. Besides, these calls may be coming from legitimate callers, but this feature could be used by scammers and stalkers looking to carry out illegal deeds. This is because they can easily target a large number of people without facing any legal trouble.

What is no caller ID vs unknown caller on an iPhone?

We have discussed the meanings of unknown caller and no caller ID above. Moreover, the reason for no caller ID is technical issues, international calls, or system limitations. The reason for the unknown caller is that the caller has intentionally blocked their ID. Further, the no-caller ID feature could be harmless and unintentional, while the unknown caller feature is mostly suspicious as the callers intentionally block their identities.

We Have Solved The No Caller ID vs. Unknown Caller Debate For You
Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

How to stop anonymous calls?

You should note that this method will still allow the anonymous caller to send you messages, but it will definitely silence those calls.

  • Tap the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click on the phone icon from the settings app.
  • Scroll down to the phone option.
  • You will see the silence unknown caller option.
  • Tap on the switch next to this option, and it will turn on the option.
  • If the switch is green and towards the right, it will mean that the feature is active. This implies that any call from unknown or blocked numbers will be redirected to voicemail automatically.

How to manage anonymous contacts?

It is recommended that you do not answer any calls from unknown numbers unless you are waiting for one. While some of them might be unsuspicious and legitimate, they are highly likely to be calls from scammers. Other than the silence unknown callers option, which is only available on the iPhone, you can try several other ways too. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ask your phone service provider to block these calls. However, scammers will still be able to call you.
  • You can also block and report these spam calls. This way, the scammers will not be able to reach out to you to conduct malicious activities.
  • Do not share your contact number at any place. This will prevent untrusted sources from connecting to you.
  • Don’t trust scammers pretending to be legitimate officers. They can ask you to pay some fines, and sharing other personal information can be a threat to your safety and security.

How Do Spammers Get Your Cell Phone Number?

Many people have encountered spam calls in their lives. This happens because telemarketing users buy these numbers from third-party data providers, and many users fall victim to such calls later.

How to unmask No Caller ID calls?

If you are tired of getting calls from masked numbers, then you can try using some third-party apps that would reveal the calling numbers. These apps would allow you to see the caller’s details, such as the phone number, name, and, surprisingly, their address, too. Moreover, such apps allow you to blacklist these numbers so they never call you again.

How to hide your caller ID?

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Tap on the phone icon.
  • Scroll down to find the show caller ID option.
  • Hit the toggle switch next to it, and your phone will hide your identity the next time you call someone.


We hope that the above information solves the no-caller ID vs. unknown number on iPhone debate. Users are advised to stay careful to avoid falling into the trap of any scammer.


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