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CRKD’s NEO S Controller: The Retro Switch Pad for Best Gaming

CRKD’s NEO S Controller: The Retro Switch Pad for Best Gaming

CRKD, the creators of the much coveted Nitro Deck Controller for the Nintendo Switch, has recently dropped a new gamepad like a modern NES controller. Named the CRKD Neo S, this gamepad is wireless, sleek, and priced at $50. Moreover, the device is compatible with switches, PCs, phones, and smart TVs.

Besides, the Bluetooth controller has been updated with the cool features of the Nitro Deck, like two thumbsticks and a D-pad, four action buttons, triggers, customisable back buttons, and adjustable vibration.

In addition, the CRKD Neo S features include variations of designs and colours, which give major Nintendo vibes. One of them comes in a golden colour that gives off a vibe of classic Game & Watch or Famicom, including red-and-gold style. Along with the colour variants, it recalls the transparent variants of the Nintendo 64 controller and Game Boy colour portable console.

Apart from the colour variants, the gamepad obtained three sleek designs (blossom, splatter, and junkyard) that were created by CRKD’s creative director, POPeART. Meanwhile, it is based on the Japanese format, Wabi-Sabi, which refers to finding imperfections and incompleteness.

Although it is solely for gaming, CRKD has pitched the controller as a great piece of gaming. Along with a bold design, they have arranged a mobile app that will track your controller. Despite the controller being digitally safe and rare, we have to see how many people are influenced and decide to buy the controller.

Leo S, CEO of Embracer Freemode, said,

Our launch of the Nitro Deck was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the gaming community, and we’re excited to grow the brand further with the announcement of the NEO S. We believe the NEO S sits apart from the sea of mediocre controller designs available, presenting a highly collectable product that houses an array of advanced features.

On the other hand, every version of NEO S costs $50 and is set to ship in April. Meanwhile, you can pre-order by redirecting yourself to CRKD’s official website.

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