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‘Di4ries’ Renewed for Season 2: Netflix Release Awaited in September 2023

‘Di4ries’ Renewed for Season 2: Netflix Release Awaited in September 2023

The popular Italian kids series is returning for an exciting second season later this year.

Netflix has announced the renewal of Di4ries. It’s a popular Italian series that was filmed in secret and is set to be released in two parts. Part one is coming in September 2023.

Stand By Me is the production company behind this show, as well as other acclaimed titles such as Alta infedeltà, The General’s Men, and Love Dilemma.

Di4ries to have 14 Episodes Spread across a Two-Part 2nd Season

ComingSoon.it was the first to share that Di4ries had been renewed for a second season. In March 2023, TBI Vision verified this report with additional details about the renewal. 

Simon Ercolani, the showrunner of the series, revealed to TBI what we can look forward to in Season 2: “In the second series the protagonists are slightly older – aged 13 and 14. The issues and challenges they face are typical of their age group, but we explore some new themes as well – bullying, anxiety and insecurity at that age, and lots more.”

Ercolani continued, “One of our main points of focus is the relationship between individualism and group belonging: in the second series we take the point of view of more than one character per episode as a way of emphasizing the differences in perceptions among characters.”

Season 1 of the show has a total of 15 episodes, and season 2 will feature 14 episodes divided into two parts.

Di4ries Season 2 will be released in two stages. The first half of the episodes will premier on September 2023 and the remaining episodes will drop by March 2024.

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