Donald Trump Slams Prince Harry For ‘Betraying The Queen’

Donald Trump Slams Prince Harry For ‘Betraying The Queen’

Former United States President Donald Trump accused Prince Harry of betraying the queen. Trump said that the prince would be “on his own” if he became president again. He also criticized the Biden administration for being “too gracious” to Prince Harry. 

While speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump stated,

I wouldn’t protect him. He betrayed the Queen. That’s unforgivable. He would be on his own if it was down to me.

Notably, Prince Harry shifted to the US with Meghan Markle in 2020. Trump’s remarks come after the Duke of Sussex told Good Morning America that he has considered getting American citizenship. When asked what stops him from obtaining citizenship, he said, “No idea.” Prince Harry stated,

The American citizenship is a thought that has crossed my mind, but certainly is not something that is a high priority for me right now.

His immigration status is quite controversial, as the US conservative think tank argued that he could not have legally come to the US since he had admitted to taking illegal drugs in his book ‘Spare’. The prince had admitted to using cocaine, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms in his memoir. He said the cocaine “didn’t do anything for me,” but “Marijuana is different, that actually really did help me.”

The lawsuit by the Heritage Foundation argued that his drug usage should have prohibited him from coming to the United States as per federal law. They said that US law “generally renders such a person inadmissible for entry” to the country. However, the lawyer from the Department of Homeland Security stated in court that admitting something in a book doesn’t make it a testimony, as anything could be written in it to make it a best-seller and make the readers curious. 

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