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Dwayne Carter III Bio: Basketball, Music, and Family

Dwayne Carter III Bio: Basketball, Music, and Family

Dwayne Carter III, Lil Wayne’s eldest son, shares his father’s passion for both sports and music. He was named after his father, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., and was born on October 22, 2008.

His mother, Sarah Vivian, was a radio host. However, his parents separated, and the family went their separate ways.

As he grows up, Dwayne Carter III continues to develop his skills and interests. His mother was pleasantly surprised by his growth in October 2020 and praised him for his wonderful qualities.

Dwayne Carter III Net Worth

We don’t know how much money Dwayne makes yet because he hasn’t started working. But he’s been living a luxurious life thanks to his parents’ wealth. His dad Lil Wayne is doing well in his job and is estimated to be worth $120 million as of 2019. Meanwhile, Dwayne’s mom Sarah is a radio personality who’s made at least $500,000.

Dwayne Carter III’s Love for Basketball

Dwayne has been going to basketball games and events with his parents since he was young. His dad’s love for basketball made him famous for saying that all the Lakers players were his favorite players.

During an interview, Dwayne’s father revealed that he loved basketball players like Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Zion Williamson, and Ja Morant. Dwayne is now following in his father’s footsteps and is also playing basketball.

On his Instagram account, Dwayne shared that his father is happy that he’s playing basketball. Just like his dad, Dwayne also likes Ja Morant, and he proudly wore the player’s jersey when he opened gifts on Christmas in 2022.

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Dwayne Carter III and His Four Half-Siblings 

Dwayne has some siblings on both his father’s and mother’s sides. On his dad’s side, he has three half-siblings with different mothers. On his mom’s side, he has a sister named Essence.

One of Dwayne’s half-sisters is Reginae Carter, who his dad had with his ex-wife, Toya Johnson. Another is his younger brother, Kameron Carter, who was born to his dad’s relationship with actress Lauren London. The youngest sibling is Neal Carter, who his dad had with singer Nivea.

When their dad turned 40, Dwayne and his siblings from his dad’s side all flew from New Orleans to Los Angeles to celebrate with him. They have a strong bond and spend time together even without celebrations. His mom once took a picture of him hanging out with his little brother, Neal.

In addition to hanging out with his siblings, Dwayne also gets to spend time with his father. In an interview, his dad shared that spending time with his kids, helping them with their homework, and tucking them in at night is what he loves most about being a dad.

Overall, Dwayne and his siblings may have different mothers, but they have a close relationship and a strong bond with their father.

Dwayne Carter III and His Music Credit 

Dwayne may or may not follow in his father’s footsteps, but he already has a stage name, Lil Tune, and featured in one of his dad’s songs, “FL4M3$,” in 2020. He rapped throughout the track, and fans were impressed with his skills.

Aside from music, Dwayne also loves attending concerts and meeting music stars like Chris Brown, Lil Baby, Drake, and Jack Harlow. With his love for music and exposure to the industry, who knows what the future holds for Lil Tune.

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