Eating With the Stars: 7 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants You Need to Check Out in 2023

Eating With the Stars: 7 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants You Need to Check Out in 2023

Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ve probably heard of celebrity chefs like Gordan Ramsay or Bobby Flay.  Their mad cooking skills and the meteoric rise of their restaurants are legendary. But what about Hollywood superstars who own restaurants?  You might be thunderstruck to learn that some of the most lauded celebrities are crushing the culinary scene with their critically acclaimed eateries.  Here are some celebrities you’d never guess are rolling out the red carpet to diners around the US.

Sandra Bullock: Mrs. Congeniality Goes Country

With her lithe figure and stunning beauty, you might not peg celebrity Sandra Bullock as a down-home country cooking fan, but she is.  Since 2009, Bullock’s Austin-based restaurant, Walton’s Fancy and Staple, has been serving up Texas favorites like chicken salad, shrimp and grits, and biscuits with gravy. The A-list movie star claims that owning her commercial kitchen in Austin with an attached flower shop is incredibly rewarding, saying that the Walton is something she takes pride in, whereas acting lacked that sense of ownership.  Bullock’s restaurant is tucked in a quaint historical-style brick building with charming interior decor and serves as a retreat from Austin’s modern skyscrapers.  If you’re in the area, we recommend getting the Fancy Lunch special which is a half sammy (get the Gobble Sandwich – yummo) and a half bowl of soup (the tomato basil is killer).

Danny Trejo: Taco Killer With a Side of Doughnuts

In 2015 actor Danny Trejo (perhaps most famously known for his bad*ss role in Machete) bought an old Taco Bell building and put his own unique spin on authentic tacos by opening his self-named Trejo’s Tacos in Los Angeles.  Trejo claims his passion for food and being a restaurateur is spawned from his time as a single dad. He understood his kids love McDonald’s, but he wanted to feed them something healthier and equally yummy coupled with a fun experience in a fast-casual environment. While not strictly geared for kids, Trejo’s Tacos has certainly succeeded in tickling the taste buds of hungry patrons.  So much so that Trejo opened Trejo’s Doughnuts in 2017 on Santa Monica Blvd. in LA. Try the young jackfruit taco or the mushroom asada burrito (or both!) for something different.

Jon Bon Jovi Serves Up Good Medicine to Locals in Need

Iconic rocker Jon Bon Jovi and his wife opened three unique New Jersey restaurant locations to feed various socioeconomic groups. Jovi’s Soul Kitchen concept is to gather the community together regardless of social status.  The volunteer-operated restaurants source all their food a mere five miles away, and the setting is done in a warm, communal style welcoming patrons to share, talk, and enjoy some seriously delicious food.  Jovi might be famous for rocking the stage, but he is also a food philanthropist and Soul Kitchen is putting the purpose back into food.  Try the winter vegetable risotto paired with the Soul-seasoned cod. Delish! 

Tony Hawk Kickflips the Cluck Out of Chicken

Famous, award-winning skateboarder Tony Hawk is shredding (literally) chicken at his new “fast-fine” restaurant cheekily dubbed Chick & Hawk in Encinitas, CA.  Hawk has invested in different establishments in the sleepy beach town, but Chick & Hawk is his first solo endeavor. Nicknamed “Birdman,” Hawk uses his new restaurant (slated to open in Summer 2023) as an homage to the Looney Tunes character, Foghorn Leghorn. The pro skater tapped critically acclaimed Andrew Bachelier to man the restaurant’s kitchen and menu, which boasts hearty fried chicken sandwiches and exceptional seafood.  The mainly SoCali-based menu and restaurant also have a few surprises, such as patio dining and an impressive full bar with craft beer on tap.

Pharrell Williams Gets Happy About Clean Eating

A few years after he broke the pop song charts with his smash hit “Happy,” Pharrell Williams partnered with David Grutman to open Swan & Bar Bevy in Miami.  Super-sleek and chic, the Swan offers a European-driven menu overseen by French chef Jean Imbert.  Even before they opened their doors in 2018, Pharrell and his crew knew they wanted to serve screaming fresh food.  They accomplish this by selecting market-driven, season-driven, locally sourced ingredients and keeping them as pristine as possible for a superior clean eating experience.  Patrons are swooning for phenomenally prepared dishes such as pumpkin agnolotti in fresh brown butter sage sauce.  Try the fresh-caught miso salmon with yuzu brussel sprouts – it’s drool-worthy!

Hugh Jackman Claws the Coffee Competition

You may know this Australian-born actor best for his wicked-sharp claws and humor as the iconic Wolverine in the Marvel Comics movies – but he’s also passionate about coffee. He first got involved in fair trade coffee after visiting a coffee farm in Ethiopia.  Since then, Jackman went on to open Laughing Man Coffee in 2011 in the heart of NYC.  Not only can you get fair trade coffee at the Laughing Man, but you can also feel good knowing the cafe generates funds for several charity organizations.

Norman Reedus Swaps Zombies for Gourmet Burgers

Known on the TV screens as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus also has quite the talent for serving super satisfying food.  In 2016 Reedus teamed up with director Greg Nicotero to open Nic & Norman’s in Georgia (interestingly, where the Walking shows were filmed), and they have since opened up two additional locations in Kentucky and Tennessee.  And while Reedus may “make-believe” in front of the cameras, his restaurant is anything but pretending to put out hearty comfort food with mouthwatering flavors.  Nic & Norman’s specializes in gourmet belt-busting burgers, but they also serve up some mean soups, salads, and entrees like meatloaf and chicken pot pie.  We highly recommend the scratch-made pimento bacon burger or anything from the menu’s “Hangover Helpers” section. 


We hope we’ve tempted your tastebuds and inspired you to attend any of these celebrity-owned restaurants.  Whether you want to support a great humanitarian cause like Jovi’s Soul Kitchen or just need to crush your craving for upscale fried chicken at Chick & Hawk – these celebrity kitchens are sure to satisfy your lip-smacking foodie desires.   

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