Elizabeth Ann Hanks Bio: Looking at Tom Hanks’ Daughter’s Life

Elizabeth Ann Hanks Bio: Looking at Tom Hanks’ Daughter’s Life

Elizabeth Ann Hanks, more commonly known as EA Hanks in the publishing world, is an American writer and actress. She holds several editorial positions, such as Children’s Editor for literary review journal Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB) and contributor to The Huffington Post, a politically liberal news website.

Elizabeth Hanks, similar to other professionals, has had success in her career. However, she has also gained attention because of her father’s prominence—the famous American actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks. Because Elizabeth was raised by such a successful artist, she drew inspiration from him and decided to pursue acting herself.

Who is Elizabeth Ann Hanks?

American actress Elizabeth Ann Hanks is best known for her roles in the Academy Award winning film “Forrest Gump,” which starred her father Tom Hanks. She has also acted in the American musical comedy-drama film directed by her father, “That Thing You Do!,” as well as in the short drama film, “Anchorage.” Unfortunately, her parents divorced when she was quite young and later she lost her mother to cancer..

She has a great relationship with her step-mother, Rita Wilson. Along with her brother, Rita adopted into the Hanks family which also includes two additional step-siblings. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems as though they have a content life together.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks Bio: Looking at Tom Hanks’ Daughter’s Life

Elizabeth Ann Hanks Net Worth

Elizabeth Ann Hanks is a prominent writer in the American publishing industry. Apart from writing, she has also appeared in several films, such as Forrest Gump. As of 2024, she has an estimated net worth of USD 1 million. The primary source of income for Tom Hanks’s daughter is her acting endeavours. 

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Elizabeth Ann Hanks Wiki

Real NameElizabeth Ann Hanks
Archer School For Girls, followed by the University of St Andrews$1 Million USD (approx.)
Profession Writer, actress
Hanks Age40 years
Birthday17 May 1982 
FamilyArcher School For Girls, followed by the University of St Andrews
EducationArcher School For Girls followed by University of St Andrews
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

About Elizabeth Ann Hanks

Elizabeth Ann Hanks, actress and writer, was born in Los Angeles, California, to Tom Hanks and his first wife, Samantha Lewes, on May 17th, 1982. Her brother, Colin Lewes Hanks, was born on November 24th, 1977, and she reactor and filmmaker.

In 1987, Hollywood actress Rita Wilson’s parents divorced. The following year, she married her father. From this second marriage, she has two stepbrothers: Chester (born 1990) and Truman (born 1995).

Elizabeth graduated from The Archer School for Girls in Brentwood, California in 2001; however, she defer college when her mother passed away due to bone cancer a year later. Elizabeth and Colin were adopted by Rita who they both have great relationships with – often promoting her songs on social media platforms.

Elizabeth loves basketball and cooking, using both to stay fit and healthy. So far, she’s chosen to keep her private life out of the public eye when it comes to romantic associations.

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Elizabeth Ann Hanks’ Career

Since she was a child, Elizabeth, Tom Hanks’ only daughter, has been in the public eye. Her parents are both famous actors which gave her an intimate look at how the entertainment industry works from a young age. Elizabeth is very accustomed to the luxurious lifestyle of superstar kids that includes all of the attention and theme parks they frequent.

Her father is an established and successful actor and filmmaker. He has played a variety of comedic and dramatic roles in films over the years, for which he has received many awards including Oscars, Golden Globe, People’s Choice Award and Screen Actors Guild Award among others.

Elizabeth’s parents were both in the film industry, so it was only natural for her to follow in their footsteps. Some of her father’s most popular films are “A League of Their Own” (1992), “Philadelphia” (1993), and “Forrest Gump” (1994). Elizabeth started acting at a young age and has starred alongside some big names such as Tom Hanks, who she worked with on multiple occasions including on the 1998 hit film, “You’ve Got Mail”.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks Bio: Looking at Tom Hanks’ Daughter’s Life

She played the role of a girl on the school bus who did not allow Forrest (played by Michael Conner Humphreys) to sit next to her in the award-winning 1994 American blockbuster comedy-drama film ‘Forrest Gump’. The directorial debut of Tom Hanks, ‘That Thing You Do!’, an American musical comedy-drama film, saw him doubling as a writer and actor and was released on October 4, 1996.

Elizabeth, her brother Colin and step-mother Rita Wilson all had cameos in the film. Elizabeth played a “Bored Girl in Dress Shop”. In 2015 she was featured in the short drama film ‘Anchoraged’ written and directed by Michael Lawson.

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Elizabeth Ann Hanks’ Writing Career

Elizabeth is not only an experienced actress but also works overseas in the American publishing industry as a writer. She writes under the pen name EA Hanks and has been published across various platforms, including The Huffington Post, where she was an associate news editor. Along with writing, Elizabeth has also served as children’s editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

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