Emma Argues with Principal Figgins: The Powerful Voice of Student Activism

Emma Argues with Principal Figgins: The Powerful Voice of Student Activism

You’ve often heard incidents where students disagree with school policy, which leads to a debate between school settings and student council. Hence, such conflicts are not new, and everyone has witnessed them in their school life. However, the story ‘Emma Argues with Principal Figgins’, Mr Figgins, gained nationwide attention. So, in this article, we have broken down the entire incident, including the story, the major conflict, and its consequences.

The Setting

This popular incident took place at McKinley High School. Renowned for its strong and orderly disciplines, Principal Figgins has been in charge of the school for a long time. Emma is one of the passionate student leaders who is involved in several causes.

The Incident

Emma, along with her excellent academics, handled the responsibilities of student leader quite well and was recently elected as the Student Council President. Hence, during her tenure, she acknowledged the reduction of funding for extracurricular activities, including the beloved Glee Club. 

However, Emma, who is a fan of music, thought it would be a bad idea. Hence, she decided to have a discussion with Mr Figgins. According to Emma, she thought that having a conversation would lead to a solution to the problem. Emma never thought that a formal discussion would turn into a debate.

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Emma’s Debate

Owing to the reduction decision, Emma argued that extracurricular activities, for instance, McKinley High School’s Glee Club, positively impact a student’s overall growth like better academic performance and improved self-esteem. Her argument didn’t only involve the Glee Club but other extracurricular activities and their impact on the overall growth of students. Hence, she believes that such activities unite students and assist them in understanding the importance of other activities.

Principal Friggin’s Response

Although Emma had a valid point, Principal Figgins disagreed and mentioned that owing to the school’s budget constraints, they have to cut off extracurricular activities funding. Moreover, he also said that academic programs hold more significance than arts. Figgins is named for his insistence on rules and regulations. Not only this but he believed that arts are not an integral part of education.

Emma’s Challenge to Traditional Authority

Emma’s disagreement with the principal not only became the talk of the school but also challenged the school’s traditional way of doing things. Meanwhile, students easily follow the academic council rules without question. However, Emma’s determination to speak out inspired others to question the status quo.

The Consequence

Although Emma’s challenge didn’t bring an immediate change in school policy; however, it initiated a movement. Not only this, but many parents, students, and teachers supported Emma by organising protests and petitions. Owing to protests, the incident got media attention and the school council decided to reconsider its funding plans.

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A Quest for Justice

Although the argument started with the Glee club, it later took another form and promoted student activism and how they can bring change. Additionally, it shows the importance of raising your voice for your rights, passion, and commitment. With Emma’s argument, the student came to know the need for cooperation. Hence, it also influenced teachers, administrators, and community members to support cooperation.


As soon as this incident gained media attention, it became the most popular incident with the title “Emma Argues with Principal Figgins.” Hence, it also started a fight between students and the school to promote extracurricular activities following a campaign for student involvement and justice. As a result, Emma’s determination left an ever-lasting impact on the school and her legacy will inspire students to fight for their rights.

Not only this but “Emma’s Argument with Principal Figgins” will always be on the books of McKinley High School.

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