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Escape From Tarkov 0.13.5 Patch Unveils Expansive Map Overhaul and Exciting New Features

Escape From Tarkov 0.13.5 Patch Unveils Expansive Map Overhaul and Exciting New Features
Image: Battlestate Games

The much-anticipated 0.13.5 update will washe over the dystopian landscapes of Escape from Tarkov. Players are in for a treat. A massive map expansion, thrilling boss encounters, and game-changing features are on the cards..

The update is now live.That means, it will swipe out the progress made over the last few months. Nevertheless, with the clean slate comes an arsenal of novel experiences to savor. 

One of the most monumental changes in the 0.13.5 update is the sprawling expansion of the already massive Streets of Tarkov map. Players will now discover new areas ripe for looting. A crashed helicopter on the street will immediately catch the attention of players.

The update also introduces the new boss, Kaban. Kaban is set around the car repair shop and brings heavy machine guns to the equation. Kaban’s power is counterbalanced by his lack of agility. It gives players the opportunity to use clever and quick moves to defeat the powerful adversary. 

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The 0.13.5 update introduces gear presets. That means you can save your gear configuration. Players no longer need to reequip after every failed raid. With 50 gear presets, players can jump back into action with minimum lag.

From exploring the wreckage of a downed helicopter to facing off against the imposing Kaban, there’s no shortage of adrenaline-pumping experiences awaiting players.

The revamped urban landscape and the addition of the gear presets promise to revolutionize the way players approach each raid. There’s more loot to collect, more areas to discover and of course a new enemy to beat. 

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