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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: A Glimpse into Renewal Status and Future Possibilities

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3: A Glimpse into Renewal Status and Future Possibilities
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Season 2 of Lincoln Lawyer was released in 2 volumes and fans eagerly consumed both. Now, the burning question is whether there will be a season 3. It’s hard not to speculate about the future adventures of Mickey Haller. 

The second season premiered in the summer of 2023. It was an ingenious adaptation of “The Fifth Witness” with fresh elements and characters, including the talented Lana Parrilla in the role of Lisa Trammell. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo reprised his role as Mickey Haller and viewers were hooked. 

The buzz was on for a third season even before the second volume of season 2 was released. There has been no official confirmation. We might have to wait for some time before any definitive information gets out owing to the ongoing strikes in the industry. Nevertheless, showrunner Ted Humphrey shared with The New York Times that writer’s room for season 3 was in the works prior to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. 

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When asked about the renewal of the show, Humphrey said,

Right now it depends not only on how Season 2 does, but also on the resolution of the strikes. We had to shut down our writers’ room for Season 3 when the Writers Guild contract expired. We’ve done Michael Connelly picket events where Michael and the staff from “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Bosch” have picketed together. We’re out there because the issues are real and have to be resolved, and the only way that’s going to happen is by the companies sitting back down with us to make a fair deal. Hopefully that happens soon, and once it does, we will be back to work on a third season.

Assessing the performance of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 is a complex task since it was split into two volumes released with a few weeks in between. Hence, the viewing hours may not accurately represent its popularity. Nevertheless, it is clear that the show gripped the attention of the audience through both the volumes.

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