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EU Regulators Fines Meta a Staggering $414M Over Privacy Violations

EU Regulators Fines Meta a Staggering $414M Over Privacy Violations
  • The Facebook parent company intended to appeal the hefty fines and rulings imposed upon them.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms, will be attempting to appeal the hefty $414 million fine that EU regulators have imposed for privacy infringements.

The Data Protection Commission of Ireland issued two substantial monetary penalties to Facebook Inc; the first was a €210 million ($222.4 million) fine for improprieties with regards to its Facebook service, and the second a €180M ($190.6M) penalty for GDPR violations concerning Instagram services. Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has been prohibited from forcing European users into granting permission for personalized ads, however, they have declared plans to appeal this decision.

Meta Ireland is also instructed to “bring its data processing operations into compliance within a period of three months.”

Later this month, a final decision is due in the case that involves its WhatsApp messaging service.

The Austrian lawyer and privacy advocate Max Schrems, who instigated the complaints, stated that this ruling could be a major financial setback for the company in Europe since “people now need to be asked if they want their data to be used for ads or not” and can change their mind at any time.”

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Irish regulators have repeatedly penalized Meta with hefty fines due to data privacy violations, increasing their total payouts to a stunning 900 million Euros ($953 million) since 2021.

Moreover, EU regulators in Brussels charged Meta with corrupting competition within the classified ads industry last December.

Inspired by the complaints that had arrived in May 2018, when GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into play, the DPC issued its most recent verdicts.

When the GDPR became effective, Meta changed its approach to user data processing by adding a clause in the Terms of Service for advertisements. This provocative move deprived users of having any say on their personal data being used and disregarded EU privacy regulations. Previously, Meta obtained informed consent from customers before using their information to serve personalized ads or behavioral advertising.

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