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Fae Farm Review: A Lush and Enchanting Farming Experience

Fae Farm Review: A Lush and Enchanting Farming Experience
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One thing becomes apparent as soon as you set foot in Fae Farm, this game is a visual masterpiece. Rest assured, the trailers do not capture the true essence of the game. You have to experience it. The landscapes painted by hand with vibrant colors and simple characters go surprisingly well, especially when you play the hand-held mode. Everything, from the meticulously designed food and decor to the adorable monsters, feels like it’s straight out of a timeless illustrated storybook. 

The core gameplay of Fae Farm resembles that of Rune Factory. The plot typically revolves around resolving environmental issues that obstruct your progress, such as whirlpools, thorns, or poison gas. You embark on dungeon-like adventures to uncover the sources of these obstacles and resolve them. You need to collect various resources, earn money, cultivate crops, and gather materials for crafting essential items like potions and tool upgrades. 

The game is long. It has got so much to do that even 40 hours of play time doesn’t finish it. Crafting something is quite an endeavor with dedicated workbenches for smelting, wood chopping, cooking, food preparation, gem polishing, potion crafting, and whatnot. 

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You have different biomes that feature distinct types of resources. In some you get wood and in another you may get ore and critters and grass in another. You must cultivate seasonal crops and there’s a lot more to manage. It can be overwhelming and leave your character perpetually exhausted. It’s not the typical idle farming game, you see. 

There are some features to ease your workload. The auto-tool selector seamlessly switches tools based on your actions, be it watering plants or breaking rocks. Your character’s ability to jump and swim lets you move efficiently. Additionally, you can select specific NPCs for precise directions, keeping you on track with your tasks. The in-game calendar tracks events and birthdays, and the quest tracker provides clear objectives. 

The social aspect of the game falls short. The NPCs are particularly unremarkable. Building friendships with these characters feels hollow. The romantic interactions in Fae Farm lack depth too. The romantic candidates will fall in love with you whether you want it or not. Choosing to marry one of them doesn’t change the experience much. They just linger around the farm.

There are minor bugs pertaining to quest markers and the difficulty of completing certain tasks. A lot of them have been addressed by the developers while some small ones still persist. Thanks to the autosave, the bugs aren’t really game-breaking.


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