Fetty Wap Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

Fetty Wap Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

Willie Maxwell II, better known as Fetty Wap, is a famous American rapper, singer, and songwriter born on June 7, 1991. The 2014 release of his chart-topping song “Trap Queen” pushed him into the spotlight and brought him widespread acclaim. Listeners like Fetty Wap because of his signature sound, which fuses hip-hop, R&B, and trap.

Given the obstacles he had to overcome, Fetty Wap’s meteoric journey to prominence is all the more impressive. His eyes were affected by glaucoma from birth, and he eventually lost his left one. He may have been blind, but it didn’t stop him from loving music. The story of Fetty Wap net worth and rise to fame is motivational because it shows how ability and hard work can triumph over adversity.

Fetty Wap Career & Net Worth

2015 saw the release of Fetty Wap’s self-titled first album after the success of his first three hits. Fetty Wap received two nominations at this year’s 58th Grammy Awards. After that, he worked with several other artists, including Nicki Minaj, French Montana, and Fifth Harmony.

The music of Fetty Wap fuses rap and singing. His melodic sound has drawn comparisons to Future’s, while his rhyming skills have been likened to Drake’s. While Fetty Wap has acknowledged several musicians as having influenced his sound, Gucci Mane is likely the most significant.

Stock market investment, aided by Fetty Wap’s attorneys and accountants, has allegedly allowed him to quadruple his money. He has also produced a popular racing game for mobile devices. Interestingly, Fetty Wap was arrested for drag racing a year after his release.

The rapper Fetty Wap’s net worth is around $10 million. His one-hit wonder trap Queen has been the primary contributor to his wealth. He has earned over 13 million streams across all platforms. 

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Fetty Wap net worth growth

The table below estimates Fetty Wap’s net worth growth in the past five years:

2023$10 Million
2022$8 Billion
2021$7 Billion
2020$5 Billion
2019$4 Billion

Fetty Wap House and Cars Collection

Fetty Wap has amassed a fortune as an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Real Estate & Home

In the summer of 2015, Fetty Wap was able to cross one item off his list: he had used his earnings to purchase a home for his mom. Later, he shared a brief video tour of the new house on Instagram, showing off its high ceilings, vast rooms, and magnificent bath and expressing his joy at finally relocating her out of the projects. He’s the delighted owner of his first house.

Recent developments, though, include his renting a $2.1 million house from a Puerto Rican cosmetic surgeon. Headlines also claimed that Dr Michael Jones had returned to discover the house “in a state of disrepair” after he and his team had reportedly trashed it.

The doctor sued the artist and won $40,000 from the artist’s insurance company after claiming $50,000 in damages due to wall holes and missing bed linen. Later, Fetty Wap was also sued for $5,000 in damages that he would have to pay alone.

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Car Collection

The i8 coupe complements his other European exotics, which include BMW X5, BMW M6, and Mercedes-AMG C63.

He just got the 2016 BMW i8 with a lithium-ion battery pack that powers the electric motor and the gasoline-powered turbo engine. 

It’s reasonable to assume that Fetty Wap’s net worth is in good shape, given the base price of the new BMW i8 coupe is $140,700.

The Private Life of Fetty Wap

Three of Fetty’s offspring bear his name. His baby’s mom, Masika Kalysha, was a co-star on the 2016 season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood on VH1.


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