Gabriel Iglesias’s Net Worth: A Glimpse Into Fluffy’s Lavish Lifestyle

Gabriel Iglesias’s Net Worth: A Glimpse Into Fluffy’s Lavish Lifestyle
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Gabriel Iglesias is a very popular American comedian. In this article, we discuss Gabriel Iglesias net worth, real estate, and car collections. Details about his personal life, such as his wife, son, family, and controversies are also mentioned.

Gabriel Jesús Iglesias is an American actor and comedian. He is famous for performing in numerous standup specials. A few years ago, this celebrity was named among the top 10 most-paid comedians across the world. He has a distinguished comedy and storytelling style which has made him reach platforms such as Netflix. 

Meanwhile, his shows are always house-full. They are instantly sold out because of his extremely talented skills. In this article, we will discuss Gabriel Iglesias’s net worth and multiple factors influencing his success. 

Who is Gabriel Iglesias?

Who is Gabriel Iglesias
Source: @fluffyguy / Instagram

Known by his nickname Fluffy, Gabriel Iglesias is one of America’s top standup comedians. Some of his most unique qualities are his Hawaiian t-shirts and self-deprecating fat jokes. He has also given voice to many animated films. Despite starting from a rough patch, he has attained widespread popularity. He has also received his own sitcom, including comedy specials on Netflix.

What is the net worth of Gabriel Iglesias?

In the initial stage of his life, Gabriel faced financial hardships. Nonetheless, Gabriel Iglesias net worth now stands at a whopping $40 million.

Real NameGabriel Jesús Iglesias
Net Worth$40 Million
Monthly Income$1 million (Approximately)
Annual IncomeOver $15 million

Other assets of Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias has collected many precious things in his life. Obviously, with this net worth, it is justified for him to have assets lined up.

Car Collections

Gabriel Iglesias Car Collections
Source: @fluffyguy / Instagram

Gabriel Iglesias’s car collection is quite luxurious. He owns various cars for different purposes and at different prices. We have mentioned them below.

  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Tesla Model S
  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT8
  • 2013 Audi A8
  • Chrysler 300
  • 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Real estate

The esteemed comedian lives in California in a home worth $1.5 million. His Signal Hill compound is about 14,404 square feet. There, he keeps his exquisite car collection.

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Personal life

Some highly secretive and personal details about Gabriel Iglesias’s life are mentioned below.

How tall is Gabriel Iglesias?

His height is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m).

How old is Gabriel Iglesias?

He was born on July 15, 1976. So, his age is 47 years (as of May 2024).

Family and relationship

The comedian was born in San Diego, California, to Jesús Iglesias and Esther P. Mendez. Moving further into Gabriel Iglesias’s family, reports suggest that he has five siblings, four older sisters and a brother. His parents, meanwhile, separated when he was a kid. Thus, he was raised alone by his mother.

Is Gabriel Iglesias married?

Interestingly, the name of Gabriel Iglesias’s wife cannot be shared as he has never been married. Furthermore, he has always been very personal about his dating life, so there are no details on Gabriel Iglesias’s girlfriend.

However, he dated the actress and film producer Claudia Valdez for over a decade before they split a few years ago. Despite the breakup, he maintains a close relationship with her child, whom he adopted when he started dating Claudia. The name of Gabriel Iglesias’s son is Frankie. His mother had him in a previous relationship before meeting Gabriel.

Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey

As we have mentioned earlier, his nickname is Fluffy. This is because the comedian often talks about his weight and obesity. Surprisingly, he also indulges in self-deprecating humor with his weight being the focus topic. Notably, one of his most famous comedy tours was also called ‘I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy.

He has lost over a hundred pounds, given that his doctor told him he only has two years to live. Gabriel shared that his journey has been tiring, and he used to cry in the initial phase. However, over time, he mastered the art of finding little hacks for turning fast food into healthy meals.

Before he started, he weighed around 430 lbs. In a short time, his efforts turned his weight down to 319 lbs.

What happened to comedian Gabriel Iglesias’s private jet?

In July 2023, Fluffy had a major accident. He shared with his fans about the incident through social media. Gabriel was traveling in his private jet, which faced some technical issues. Thus, the jet was forced to make an emergency landing in North Carolina. The comedian shared a video, alongside a caption, stating,


Like many comedians, Gabriel uses his real-life experiences in sketch comedy. However, as many fans as he has, he is surrounded by controversies. Some of the reasons why he faces backlash are as follows.

  • Gabriel’s jokes are often seen revolving around obesity, racism, and social stereotypes.
  • He also opposed the cancel culture that was targeting his offensive, inappropriate, and racist project.
  • Gabriel has mocked ethnicity, race, and accents in some of his shows, which was not taken well by people. 
  • Although many people find insensitive jokes appealing, some have expressed their displeasure regarding the same.


  • Gabriel is the first comedian to film a comedy special in Hawaii.
  • As a voice actor, he has noteworthy credits in many TV shows and animated movies.
  • Before entering the comedy scene, he used to work in a cell phone company.
  • He is an acclaimed author as well.

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