Germany Legalises Marijuana and Planting It in Home

Germany Legalises Marijuana and Planting It in Home

On Monday, Germany, announced itself the biggest EU Country to make Cannabis a legal recreation. This legalisation was passed even after several setbacks from medical institutions and political oppositions.

The first step in the debated law states that an adult (with over 18 years of age) can carry 25gm of Marijuana and can plant upto three Marijuana saplings in their homes.

With the implementation of the laws, it lef Germany with some of the most legalised Marijuana laws in Europe. Besides Germany, the countries that have implemented the similar kind of laws are Luxemberg and Malta, that have legalised Marijuana, and considered itself as a “recreation;” the law was passed in 2021 and 2023, respectively.

On the contrary, Netherlands, which is known for its strict attitude towards drug, has introduced more strict rules in the recent years to combat the usage of Marijuana.

Health minister, Karl Lauterbach, while emphasizing the new legislation for addiction help and the black market, said

Cannabis consumption was already around yesterday and has been increasing. Now it is coming out of the taboo zone,

Since the law got effective at midnight, hundreds of people, cheered by Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate, lighted up joints for participation. One of a very happy individual satisfied with the debated law said “a bit of extra freedom.”

In the next step in the legal reform, on July 1, 2024, Weed can be obtained to legalise through Cannabis clubs. Until then, the director of the German Cannabis Association, told AFP, in a media interaction, said

consumers must not tell the police where they bought their cannabis.

Nevertheless, this rule has been criticised by Katja Seidel, a therapist that works for the Cannabis addiction centre for Berlin, told

From our point of view, the law as it is written is a disaster,

Besides, Alexander Poitz, the Vice President of the GDP police union said

From April 1, our colleagues will find themselves in situations of conflict with citizens, as uncertainty reigns on both sides,

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