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Good Girls Season 4 Is Set To Release On Netflix

Good Girls Season 4 Is Set To Release On Netflix

The brilliant US series of Good Girls Season 4 on Netflix is set to return for their fan with its final fourth season after their previous season was cut short due to lockdown and the whole shooting went to halt. 

Those who are located outside the US get to enjoy the season at the August end. However, those in the US will get the punch later, i.e., in March 2022. 

What Do The Fans Feel About Good Girls Season 4?

Even though the chances are you already know about the previous episodes but let’s have a recap. It is an NBC comedy that has Retta, Christina Hendricks, and Mae Whitman as their cast. The episodes cover how they slowly fall into the rabbit hole as they combine their regular stay-at-home mom routine with the laundry business. 

As the biggest fan of the show, you may be sad that the producers ended season 3 too soon. It was because the season was cut short.

Fortunately, The Cast Will Remain The Same.

This means you will not miss out on your favorite character Beth, Ruby, and Annie. 

As for the release date of Good Girls season 4 on Netflix, it was 31st August 2021 for areas including the UK, Australia, and Canada. On the other hand, for the US, it will be 7th March 2022. 

Moreover, for those expecting Good Girls season 5, there’s bad news! As we mentioned earlier, season 4 is the last season the producers have decided. It was also because of the rising financial issues and creative differences the team was having. 

The fourth season will pick up right from where it left, i.e., when Beth and Dean were getting ready for the big opening of Boland Bubbles. 

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