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Good Girls Season 5: Is It Cancelled or Renewed? Find Out Here

Good Girls Season 5: Is It Cancelled or Renewed? Find Out Here
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Good Girls is a captivating television series that masterfully blends elements of crime, comedy, and drama. It follows the compelling journey of three suburban moms who find themselves unexpectedly involved in a daring supermarket heist. 

As their lives intertwine with both the FBI and a formidable gang leader, viewers are taken on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. 

Good Girls Series

Good Girls is a comedy-drama television series premiered on NBC on February 26, 2018. Created by Jenna Bans, the show centers around three suburban mothers: Beth (played by Hendricks), Ruby (played by Retta), and Annie (played by Whitman). Each of these women faces unique challenges in their lives. 

Beth, a stay-at-home mom, grapples with her husband leaving her for another woman. Her husband’s gambling addiction strains Ruby’s marriage. Annie, a single mother, navigates raising two children while dealing with her ex’s involvement in criminal activities. 

The show has garnered critical acclaim and has received multiple award nominations, including two Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

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Good Girl Season 4 Cast

Beth Boland, portrayed by Christina Hendricks, is a stay-at-home mom of four who turns to a life of crime after discovering her husband’s infidelity. She quickly becomes the unofficial leader of the group. Ruby Hill, Beth’s closest friend, faces financial struggles due to her daughter Sara’s medical needs and expensive kidney treatments.

Annie Marks, Ben’s mother, and younger sister, is Mae Whitman’s younger sister. Reno Wilson portrays Stanley Hill, Ruby’s mall cop-turned-real-cop spouse. Manny Montana plays Christopher, a high-ranking criminal with a money-laundering operation. 

Lidya Jewett portrays Sara Hill, while Isaiah Stannard portrays Ben Marks, who becomes a transgender male in season 2. Matthew Lillard portrays Dean Boland, Beth’s cheating car salesman husband. The cast includes other talented actors as well.

The Truth About Good Girls Season 5

Despite its growing popularity, the NBC web drama series Good Girls has unfortunately been canceled after four seasons due to low ratings. The exact reasons behind the cancellation have not been revealed to viewers.

Netflix has released all four seasons of the show without providing any official explanations. Additionally, the actors have voiced their worries regarding the future of the series.

The underlying causes for the cancellation were never fully discussed, and multiple sources claimed that a final, shorter season would finish the plot. However, the intended conclusion may never be revealed to viewers, as it did not turn out to be true.

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Retta Upset Over Good Girls Cancellation

Retta, known for her role as Ruby Hill on Good Girls, recently disclosed that the show came close to being renewed for a fifth season. However, due to issues caused by “one person,” the renewal fell through, causing disappointment among the cast and crew. 

While Retta didn’t mention the individual by name, there were reports suggesting that Manny Montana, who portrayed the popular character Rio, had contract disputes with the producers. Retta expressed her frustration during an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, stating how bothered she was about the situation. 

Kelly Ripa empathized with Retta’s sentiments and wondered why they couldn’t replace the problematic actor with someone else. Retta explained that it was too late in the scripting process to make such changes.


Good Girls revolved around three suburban mothers who resorted to a life of crime as a means to solve their problems. Unfortunately, much to the fans’ disappointment, the show was abruptly canceled after four seasons. Many were left curious about what could have unfolded in future seasons. 

Retta, one of the show’s main stars, revealed that the cancellation stemmed from a conflict with one of the actors who faced contractual issues with the producers. Ultimately, without finding a suitable replacement and crafting an enticing storyline for season 5, the fate of Good Girls was sealed.

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