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GyroGear Introduces Hand Stabilizing GyroGlove at CES 2024

GyroGear Introduces Hand Stabilizing GyroGlove at CES 2024

GyroGear, a Boston-based company, launched a hand-stabilizing glove at CES 2024 for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Their innovation, GyroGlove, which costs $5899, has shown exceptional results, reduced hand tremors, and made it easy for users to perform day-to-day tasks.

Roberta Wilson-Garett is one of the people using GyroGlove who has seen amazing results as her hands are stabilized now. The product was launched at the CES 2024 event in Las Vegas. Roberta has said that she has been using the glove for a few days, and she can easily perform activities like buttoning up a shirt, holding a cup, or penning something down. She also said that she once forgot to wear a glove, which led her to spill drinks over herself. The Canada-based woman, Wilson Garett, said, “It’s a life changer for me,” as this glove stopped her from feeling tremors while doing easy tasks.

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Dr. Faii Ong, founder and CEO of GyroGear, said,

We have built the world’s most advanced hand stabilizer by partnering with Foxconn.

He said,

The key to GyroGlove is an attached gyroscope about the size of a hockey puck but with a disc inside that spins faster than a jet engine turbine.

They also plan to make the gyroscope smaller and make more changes in the future. Dr. Ong added,

We want to bring the focus away from the disease and back onto the fact that this is human life we are talking about. That is what tech should do; it’s more important to focus back on ourselves as people and to understand how we can actually make people’s lives better.

The gloves are specifically made for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Essential Tremor. More than 200 million people suffer from these conditions. The medicine for these diseases can cause side effects, and neurosurgery has many risk factors. There has been no permanent cure for hand tremors yet.

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