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Hazbin Hotel Season 2: Release Dates, Potential Cast, Trailer, and More

Hazbin Hotel Season 2: Release Dates, Potential Cast, Trailer, and More
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Hazbin Hotel is an American musical comedy television series which garnered more than 100 million views in its pilot episode. Following a 2024 debut, the series was immediately picked by fans for an early anticipation for a second instalment. With Hazbin Hotel attracting an impressive viewership worldwide, creators have shared exciting updates about Hazbin Hotel Season 2.

An American adult musical comedy television series, Hazbin Hotel, follows the story of Charlie Morningstar, princess of Hell. With multiple genres of musical, black comedy, comedy-drama, and comedy horror, the series was critically acclaimed for its outstanding. Following surpassing a million viewership, it immediately picked an anticipation for a second season.

Will There Be a Hazbin Hotel Season 2?

The Hazbin Hotel Season 2, was renewed in September 2023. According to a report by Deadline, the series received a two-season order from Amazon Prime Video. It is a good decision since the first season of the Hazbin Hotel ended with a major cliffhanger,

What Are The Release Dates for Hazbin Hotel Season 2?

According to media and fan speculations, Hazbin Hotel Season 2 is set to release around mid-2025. While an official announcement is yet to be released, it is expected to be released within a short period.

Hazbin Hotel’s first season’s original pilot and the full season were released in the difference of five years. Although this concerned the fans, it was later confirmed in January 2024 that the series had already started recording its dialogue.

Not only this but Hazbin Hotel’s creator, Vivienne Medrano, in a media interview with Screen Rant, confirmed a shorter duration of wait. She said, 

I’m a big advocate for letting things take the time they need. And production, I mean, I literally actually don’t know the projected release date or aim or anything like that, but roughly season 1 took about one and a half, two years. So I think it’s probably similar, just because we are in the early stages. However, that’s not nearly as long of a wait, and that’s kind of a normal wait for animation. So it’ll be a normal wait for animation. But I do think it’ll be worth it.

Hazbin Hotel Season 2: Release Dates, Potential Cast, Trailer, and More

What is the Expected Plot of Hazbin Hotel Season 2?

Since official release dates are awaited by the fans, there is no confirmed plot of the series. However, the director, Vivienne Medrano, in a media interaction, revealed that the plot will revolve around Vees and Vox specifically. While giving a glimpse about what Hazbin Hotel season 2 will look like, Medrano added, 

So, I’m very excited, because Season 2, yes, definitely centres around the Vees and Vox specifically. And it’s going to get into much more of his relationship with Alastor, how it kind of got there, and how, with Vox being the threat, that affects Alastor and the other characters in the hotel. So, I’m very excited about that, because I love those characters and I think it’s going to be fun.

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Who is in the Cast of Hazbin Hotel Season 2?

Since Charlie earned the highest acclaim in the series, Erika Henningsen’s return was expected. Besides Erika, we can expect all the main cast to reprise their roles. The potential Season 2 cast includes,

  • Erika Henningsen as Charlie
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Vaggie
  • Keith David as Husk
  • Kimiko Glenn as Niffty
  • Alex Brightman as Sir Pentious
  • Blake Roman as Angel Dust
  • Amir Talai as Alastor
  • Christian Borle as Vo
  • Joel Perez as Valentino

Is There a Trailer for Hazbin Hotel Season 2?

A trailer for the second instalment of Hazbin Hotel is still awaited. While the anticipated American series is already in the works, we can expect to receive a trailer by the end of 2024.

Video by Vivziepop

Where Can We Watch Season 2 of Hazbin Hotel?

Named the largest global debut for a new animated series on the streamer, Hazbin Hotel is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Hence, following a similar pattern, a second season of Hazbin Hotel will be released on Prime Video.

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