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Hilda Season 3 is to Return for the Final Season in 2024

Hilda Season 3 is to Return for the Final Season in 2023

After the immense success of Hilda and the Mountain King, fans are delighted to hear that Hilda is returning with more episodes in 2023

The critically acclaimed Netflix original series Hilda is coming back for one last season on the streaming service. After the release of The Mountain King, which was assumed to be the final installment in Hilda’s adventures, viewers were thrilled when a third and final season was announced. It goes without saying that many are eager to see what awaits us in this concluding chapter. Let’s take an exciting dive into all there is to explore with Hilda Season 3.

Before we progress, let’s take a moment to reflect on where we have been. Hilda: The series is based on the extraordinary Luke Pearson graphic novels of the same name.

The series debuted on Netflix in September 2018, and since then, two seasons have been released. Then came the movie, which was originally thought to be the final entry but is now not so according to recent developments; it made a grand entrance into 2021 with its release on New Year’s Eve.

Hilda and the Mountain King is a captivating cinematic experience that follows Hilda. She wakes up in an unfamiliar troll body and embarks on a mission to rediscover her humanity and save Trolberg from destruction.

Now we can rejoice. Hilda will embark on one last adventure in the upcoming third and final season.

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When was Hilda Renewed for Another Season?

In February 2022, Animation Magazine‘s issue 317 made a hushed announcement of the news for an upcoming third season.

In the article, Luke Pearson confirms that a highly anticipated third season of Hilda is officially coming. He provided key details about what viewers can expect to see in the series finale.

In response to public complaints that the show too quickly advanced in time, Pearson has tweeted confirmation that Hilda’s appearance will be aged accordingly in the forthcoming season.

Hilda Season 3 will boast 13 episodes and feature Emerald Wright-Collie as the series producer. Monique Simmon has also been promoted to associate producer.

Hilda Season 3: All Set for a Netflix Release

Netflix recently announced its lineup of kids’ series and movies, revealing that even more episodes of Hilda will be premiering in 2024.

Although the specific date has not been announced yet, we will keep you updated as soon as it is.

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