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Hilda Season 3 Release Date: What You Should Know About This Netflix Series?

Hilda Season 3 Release Date: What You Should Know About This Netflix Series?

Hilda is one of the longest-running kid series on Netflix. It is returning for the third and final season. 

Luke Pearson’s graphic novels of the same name inspired Hilda on Netflix. The series hit the screens in 2018. A movie based on the same novel got released in 2021 – Hilda and the Mountain King. Many people thought the movie would be the final instalment of Hilda’s journey, but it was not.

In the movie, Hilda wakes up inside the body of a troll. She needs to find out how to become a human and save Trollberg.

Now let’s find out about Hilda Season 3.

Hilda Season 3 Release Date: What You Should Know About This Netflix Series?

Hilda Season 2 Ending

At the end of Season 2, Hilda and her mother get trapped inside the troll kingdom. They meet a good-natured troll and her infant child. The troll helps Hilda return home safe and sound.  But there was a cliffhanger added in the movie. Hilda’s mother found that in place of her daughter, there is a little troll called Baba.

When was Season 3 Announced?

The Animation Magazine announced the third season in February 2022. The author, Luke Pearson, confirmed many details about the upcoming plot.

Hilda Netflix Season 3 will take off from the movie’s ending. The fans are anticipating the release of the new season.

On Twitter, Pearson said, Hilda may seem a bit older in Season 3 because the story is moving forward.

There is no confirmation about Hilda Season 3 release date. The upcoming season will have 13 episodes. 

Hilda Season 3 Trailer

The makers have not yet released the Hilda season 3 trailer. Well, you can always watch the season 2 trailer on YouTube.

Video by Netflix After School

Cast and Crew

As for the cast, the leads from seasons 1 and 2 will reappear. Bella Ramsey, Oliver Nelson, Ramsus Hardiker, Daisy Haggard, and Ameerah Falzon-Ojo. You will soon get to know about other additions.

Emerald Wright-Collie will produce Netflix Hilda. Monique Simmon will be the associated producer.

Several leaks occurred throughout 2021 including the cast and script. Hilda surfaced all across Instagram too.

If you are a big Hilda Netflix fan, you must check out its community on Reddit. You will find people there assuming all sorts of things about season 3. You can go ahead and be a part of the conversation too. 

Fans are waiting for the trailer of Season 3 with bated breath. This season will set new benchmarks.

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