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HoneyMoonish: Release Dates, Expected Plot, and Cast of The Film

HoneyMoonish: Release Dates, Expected Plot, and Cast of The Film
Image: Netflix

Romantic comedies, also known as Rom-Com, have been a favourite genre for individuals. Not only this but creators are also continuously generating captivating romantic comedies to attract an impressive viewership. Among the several recently introduced rom-com series is Honeymoonish, a Kuwaiti rom-com film, which is set to make its debut on the streaming giant, Netflix. Read on to learn more about the forthcoming series, Honeymoonish.

What Are the Release Dates for Honeymoonish?

Directed by Elie El Semaan, Honeymoonish is a modern-day romantic comedy that features a star-studded cast. A Netflix original, the upcoming film is set to make its debut on April 29, 2024.

Who is In The Cast of Honeymoonish?

Presenting a star-studded cast, the primary cast includes,

  • Nour Al Ghandour as Noor.
  • Mahmoud Boushahri as Hamad.
  • Ascia Al Faraj as Amal.
  • Mahdi Barwiz as Wael

The additional cast includes,

  • Faisal Almezel.
  • Amal Mohammed.
  • Qahtan Al-Qahtani.
  • Ghorour.

Shot in London, the film is directed by Elie El Seeman. Additionally, the screenwriter of Honeymoonish is Eiad Saleh and is produced by Eagle Films.

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Plot of HoneyMoonish

The romantic comedy film follows the story of Hamad, a cultured man and Noor, a modern woman seeking a man similar to her beliefs. Owing to mishappenings, their dates got confirmed, eventually leading to a marriage.

However, the revelations came during their honeymoon which could lead to a drastic change in marriage. Based on Hamad and Noor’s honeymoon period, Honeymoonish is a romantic comedy that covers the complexities of a relationship, the importance of acceptance and balance in a couple’s life, and the power of a second chance, mixed with a tint of humour.

Despite Hamad and Noor not being sure about their marriage, their mutual friends and couple, Amad and Wael, put their entire efforts into sticking to the opposite poles. The trailer also showcases how Amad and Wael are responsible for the dysfunctional matchmaking.

Is There a Trailer For Honeymoonish?

On 4 March 2024, the forthcoming film released a trailer starring Noor and Hamad in the lead roles. Along with a trailer, Netflix released a synopsis that reads,

Set against the backdrop of a honeymoon filled with surprises, the Kuwaiti film uncovers the reality that Hamad and Noor couldn’t be more different from one another, but could it be true that opposites really do attract?

Final Words

Honeymoonish, a Kuwaiti rom-com, is a feature-film debut for the director, Elie El-Seeman and Ascia Al Faraj (Amal). With hopes high for the Netflix pan-Arab film, Honeymoonish has the power to break down misconceptions and authentically represent its people.

Honeymoonish is set to make its debut on Netflix on April 29, 2024. Besides, if you are seeking explained information about the cast, plot, and synopsis of the film, read the aforementioned details.

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