Taylor Swift Says Ryan Gosling And Emily Blunt’s ‘SNL’ Monologue is ‘Everything’

Taylor Swift Says Ryan Gosling And Emily Blunt's 'SNL' Monologue is 'Everything'

While the whole world has been praising Ryan Gosling for his role as Ken, Taylor Swift has also joined the list. 

In the recent episode of Saturday Night Live, Ryan Gosling was joined by Emily Blunt for a monologue. The long-standing Barbie and Oppenheimer conflict was discussed in the SNL episode. 

Notably, Gosling and Blunt will star together in the upcoming action comedy ‘The Fall Guy.’ Initially, Gosling said that he would no longer discuss his blockbuster character, Ken, but he soon decided to let go of this decision and rapidly changed his mind.

After sitting down to play the piano, Ryan mentioned the power of Taylor Swift’s music. He said,

You know, when you play a character that hard, that long, just letting go feels like a breakup and for processing a breakup, there’s really only one thing that can help: the music of the great Taylor Swift.

The actor sang,

I shredded Venice Beach, it’s true. My clothes were tight, but something about that spandex felt so right. I left my rollerblades in that big pink house, but I still got that fur coat, and I’ll wear it right now.

He concluded the song, noting,

I was just Ken, and now I’m just Ryan.

Blunt, meanwhile, reminded him that he should let things go and break up with Ken. She said,

Ken is dead.

As much as she was annoyed, she also took some time to reminisce about her character in the Oscar-winning film Oppenheimer.

She went nostalgic and joined the song, singing,

Father of the atom bomb and a bottle of jack. I used to be the alcoholic wife of a dude in a hat.

Taylor Swift, in response, appreciated the monologue through social media. Retweeting the Saturday Night Live monologue clip, she wrote,

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