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John Travolta Net Worth: Early Life, News, Salary, And More

John Travolta’s Net Worth: Early Life, News, Salary, And More

The American actor, producer, singer, and dancer, John Travolta is someone who built up a falling career and made a net worth of millions. If you also want to know, How much is John Travolta net worth? Then keep reading further.

John Travolta Early Life

John Joseph Travolta was born on 18th February 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey, and was the youngest among the 6 children. Helen Cecilia, his mother was a singer as well as an actor, and Salvatore, his father was a semi-professional American football player.

Travolta dropped out of high school when he was 17 and moved to New York City. There he got a role in the show, Over Here! Gradually, he was seen in the horror movie, Carrie and also secured his role in Welcome Back, Kotter(1975-79) as Vinnie Barbarino.

He was a very successful artist during the 1970s and in the early 1980s. He was very popular both on the screen as well as off it. His popularity can be figured out from the very fact that Lady Diana named a dress after Travolta. Girls were crazy after him in the ’80s. His single hit ‘Let Her In’ reached the number 10 on the Billboard 100 Chart. He was the star in many hit films such as Grease ( 1978 ), Saturday Night Fever ( 1977 ), and Urban Cowboy (1980 ). Travolta even got the Best Actor award for his acting skills in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

John Travolta’s Net Worth: Early Life, News, Salary, And More

Travolta’s Decline and Come Back

In the 1980s, he suffered a lot. His career was a total mess in the 80s. Both his movies, Perfect ( 1985 ) and Two of a Kind ( 1983 ) were major failures. Even though Saturday Night Fever was successful commercially, it could only bring in 6.5 million dollars.

Even after all this, he returned in his form in 1989 with the film, Look Who’s Talking which earned a whopping sum of $297 million. He featured in star-rated movies like Quentin Tarantino, Face/Off, Get Shorty, and A Civil Action.

Travolta remained busy after that and made his name in the industry. Then after the year 2010, he mainly focussed on projects in the genre of action and thrillers, and believe it or not, his performance was mesmerizing and astonishing.

John was also a producer and he won an Emmy Award in 2016 for producing Season 1 of American Crime Story. He has also won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor in the names of the movie Musical or Comedy. Travel also got an award for his Brilliant Achievement in the International Cinema. In the movie, Get Shorty, he received a total of six nominations, which is a great deal in itself.

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John Travolta’s Personal Life

During the shooting of the film,  The Boy in the Plastic Bubble in 1976, he met Diana Hyland. He got attached to her until the next year on 27th March 1977 Hyland died due to cancer.

He married Kelly Preston in 1991, and they had 3 beautiful children. Tragically, Jett, his eldest son died when he was 16 years old due to a seizure. In the sweet memory of his child, Jett Travolta’s foundation was established to take care of children having special needs. Scientology helped him to face the truth of his son’s death and move in with his life and career.

He was a member of the Scientology Church a long time ago. He even converted himself after he released Dianetics ( a book ) while shooting for The Devil’s Rain in Mexico.

Travolta even lost his wife Kelly Preston on 12th July 2020 due to breast cancer.

John Travolta’s Net Worth: Early Life, News, Salary, And More

John Travolta’s Net Worth

John Travolta’s net worth in 2022 is approximately 250 million dollars.  John Travolta’s salary is nearly 2 million dollars per month

The net worth of John Travolta is the result of all the superhit movies. Also, he has a huge fan following, Travolta’s Instagram has a fan following of 3.9 million. Apart from all this, he is also very famous for his airplane and Scientology Church.

John Travolta’s assets include many luxury goods and properties. He spent around 3.5 million dollars on a 2.35-acre house in Los Angeles. The dream house has everything that you can imagine. It has 8 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, a huge swimming pool, a tennis court and a playground for his children.

 But then he sold this property for 18 million dollars and purchased another one for 13.1 million dollars. He and his wife together maintain a 2.65 million dollars house in Calabasas. He also owns a 50-acre huge mansion outside of Los Angeles.

Travolta has a good collection of cars as well.  He has a Mercedes-Benz Aston Martin, Rolls Royce Ghost ( his favorite car ), classic Thunderbirds, and a Jaguar XJ6.

Apart from the cars, he has a small private jet called Boeing 727. He also owns an aviation state where the runway of his jumbo jet lands.

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