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Shaq Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Shaquille O’Neal Worth?

Shaq Net Worth 2022: How much is Shaquille O'Neal worth?

Shaquille O’Neal, popularly known as Shaq, is a retired American Basketball player, product endorser, television host, and entrepreneur. As of today, Shaq Net Worth 2022 is estimated to be $400 million, and their salary earned by him during his NBA career was $292 million. Not just that, but Shaquille also earned $200 million from endorsements simultaneously. Even today, when Shaq is retired, he still makes $60 million yearly from various business endeavors. 

Early Life

Shaquille was born in New Jersey, on 6 March 1972. His father was drug addicted and even got jailed for possession of drugs when Shaq was just a baby. O’Neal’s parents never married, and his father left the family upon release from jail. Shaq kept his distance from his father for decades. When O’Neal was two years of age, his mother married a sergeant in U.S. Army, Phillip Harrison. After that, the family moved to Germany and Texas. 

While O’Neal was in high school, he began gaining attention for his basketball talent and led the school team to a state championship in his senior year. After O’Neal completed schooling, he went to Louisiana State University, where he became a two-time All-American and two-time Sec Player of the year. In 1991, O’Neal also won the Adolph Rupp’s Trophy in the NCAA men’s category. 

NBA Superstar

In 1992, Shaquille became the first pick for the Orlando Magic. In 1993, he was voted a starter and was named Rookie of the Year. Shaquille helped the magic to reach the first playoff series, and the very next year, the team made it to the finals but unfortunately did not win. 

In 1996, Shaquille became part of Atlanta’s men’s Olympic basketball team. The group moved on to win the Olympic Gold Medal. During the Olympics, Shaquille revealed his plans to be a part of the Los Angeles Lakers, who offered him a seven-year $121 million deal. O’ Neal’s plans clearly defined the audience how much is Shaq worth and what his talent means on the grounds. 

Shaq Net Worth 2022: How much is Shaquille O'Neal worth?

In 1999, Shaquille and the Lakers won the NBA championship and continued to win the title for the next two years. In 2004, Shaq was traded to the Miami Hear and signed a five-year contract with the team for $100 million, which added to his net worth. O’Neal’s this move paired him with Kobe Bryant.  

Shaq Salary

Wondering what O’Neal’s peak salary was? $27 million is the answer. Yes! You heard it right. Here is what can you know about his salary in the past years- 

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Salary by year and team:

  • 1992-93: $3,000,000
  • 1993-94: 3,900,000
  • 1994-95: $4,800,000
  • 1995-96: $5,700,000
  • 1996-97: $10,714,000
  • 1997-98: $12,857,143
  • 1998-99: $15,000,000
  • 1999-00: $17,142,858
  • 2000-01: $19,285,715
  • 2001-02: $21,428,572
  • 2002-03: $23,571,429
  • 2003-04: $24,749,999
  • 2004-05: $27,696,430
  • 2005-06: $20,000,000
  • 2006-07: $20,000,000
  • 2007-08: $20,000,000
  • 2008-09: $21,000,000
  • 2009-10: $20,000,000
  • 2010-11: $1,352,181

Total NBA career earnings = $292,198,327

Other Media and Business Ventures

In the early 90s, Shaquille quickly rosed to fame, exploring a career in the film and rap industry, appearing in movies like Kazamm and Blue Chips. In 1993, Shaq’s first rap album became certified platinum. 

On 22 March 22, it was announced that Shaw would join Papa John’s Board of Directors team. From his job at the company, O’Neal will earn $8.25 million in salary and stock over three years. In 2021, O’Neal sold his 1% stake in the Sacramento Kings team for $11 million to become the prominent endorser of WynnBet- an online gambling company. 

Shaq Net Worth 2022: Endorsements

As an instantly recognized personality, many companies have sought O’Neal as a spokesperson. Some of the profile endorsements of O’Neal comprise Reebok, Carnival Cruise Line, and Pepsi. Shaq has been active in real estate and the stock market since ninety’s. Today, his stock market and real estate earnings also add to Shaquille O’Neal’s net worth in 2022.

Shaq Net Worth 2022: How much is Shaquille O'Neal worth?

Personal Life 

Shaquille married Shaunie Nelson in December 2002 and had four children from their marriage. He also has a daughter from her past relationship with Arnetta Yardbourgh. Later in September 2007, Shaq filed a divorce from Shaunie, but the duo changed their mind and closed the case. However, after the pair withdrew the divorce case, Shaunie felt irreconcilable differences in their marriage. In June 2005, when Hall of Fame center George Mikan died, Shaq paid the funeral expenses. Shaq dated reality star Nicole Alexander between 2010-2012. Since 2014, O’Neal has been dating model Laticia Rolle. 

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Shaq Net Worth 2022: Real Estate

Shaq’s primary residence was his 12-bedroom mansion in Orlando for many years. O’Neal purchased the home for $4 million in 1993 and proceeded to build his dream house. The main home features Shaq Assets like a 6000 square foot indoor basketball court, 10-foot privacy wall, and a 17-car garage. 

In May 2018, Shaq listed his home for sale for the first time at $28 million. However, he reduced the price to $22 million in January 2019 but finally accepted $16.5 million in January 2021. Outside Florida, O’Neal owns a 15 acre in suburban Atlanta, which he purchased for $1.15 million in 2017. 

In the same year, Shaq bought another home in an LA suburb called Bell Canyon for $1.8 million and listed that too for sale by the end of 2019 for $2.5 million. 

How much is Shaquille O’Neal Net Worth?

O’Neal has said on various occasions that he only invests in products and services he wholeheartedly believes in or has heard about. Despite earning a whopping $292 million on the court, Shaq has even made money off the court in the past eleven years. That money has racked Shaq’s net worth 2022 to $400 million. 

Although O’Neal wasn’t always the savviest businessman, very soon, he realized that maintaining the lifestyle he lived was more than just depending on his NBA earnings. Therefore, after Shaq’s financial advisors warned him, he became as straight as an arrow. Since then, he has developed a philosophy of surrounding himself with people he trusts and getting their guidance in better decision-making concerning his net worth, income, and expenses. 

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