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What is Julia Haart’s net worth in 2024?

What is Julia Haart's Net Worth 2022?

Julia Haart is the head of the Elite World Group – the world’s first talent company. She is married to Silvio Scaglia, whose net worth is over $1 billion. Because of her practices, Julia made her reputation as an Orthodox Jewish practitioner and gained huge attention around the media circles. The estimated net worth of Julia Haart is $600 million. Here is what you can know about the overall net worth, assets, salary, early life, and career of Julia Haart. 


Julia Haart was born on 11 April 1971 in Moscow, Russia. She currently acts in the hit Netflix show called “My Unorthodox Life” and rosed to fame for her outspoken views on orthodox Jewish life and how she ran from her conservative Haredi community wealth, glamour and fashion. Julia began her career by expanding her shoe brand business. Speaking to the media, Julia said investors supported and helped her, but she developed the network for the company’s success. 

Later, Julia sold her shoe brand for a hefty amount when it became famous among people. After that, Julia became the creative director of an Italian fashion house, i.e., La Perla, specializing in Lingerie. In 2018, when Haart began co-owning the Elite World Group, the firm was valued at $90 million, reaching $1 billion in 2021. Julia’s co-owner status in the Elite World Group added $50,0000 to her overall net worth. 

Elite World Group is a talented media group representing 5000 actors, artists, and models across the globe. Some of their A-listers artists are Kendall Jenner, Irina Shayk, and Iman. As per reports, Julia Haart Salary was $400,000 per month and $2 million per year when she was the CEO of EWG. 

What is Julia Haart's Net Worth 2022?

Early Life 

When Julia was three years old, she left for New York with her parents. Julia’s family settled down in Monsey, New York. By the period Julia was 11 years of age, she was growing up in an Orthodox community in New York City. Julia’s parents began following the community and the religion, bringing the family into faith. Apart from Julia, her parents also have seven other children who grew up with Julia. 


Julia completed her studies at Bais Yaakov Academy in Brooklyn, New York. Her early interest was in fashion designing, for which Julia kept reading fashion magazines. When Julia turned 18, she changed her name to Talia. 

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How much is Julia Haart Net Worth, and how did she build it? 

Julia founded her shoe brand company in 2013, entitled Julia Haart Inc, to design a line of shoes offering comfort and style to the purchaser. Heart collaborated with La Perla on accessory collections, and the company was so amazed by her performance that they recruited Julia as creative director of the brand in 2016. 

Heart designed a “ready-to-wear collection” for the brand, which was a massive success for La Perla. She met her husband while working with the firm, who purchased La Perla at an auction in 2013. Later, when the duo married, Julia was given the EWG’s CEO position by her husband, Scaglia. At a point in time, Julia’s husband even faced tax evasion issues that would land him in prison and may lead to house arrest for the transgressions Scaglia committed.

Julia Haart organized the La Perla Manor runway show in 2017, which featured famous models like Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell. Not just that, but Julia would also design a dress for Kendall Jenner to wear to the Met Gala event that year. When Julia began working as Chief Executive Officer of Elite World Group, she did well with the firm. Recently, Julia branched out into TV, and later in July 2021, she appeared on “My Unorthodox Life,” which aired on Netflix. The popular show followed Julia’s life as the EWG CEO, which came under fire because of her role. Thus, all these career paths of being a fashion designer, CEO of EWG, and starring in a Netflix show added to Julia Haart’s net worth in 2024.

What is Julia Haart's Net Worth 2022?

Julia’s projects are expected to grow in the upcoming months

Julia Haart has recently revealed that she has plans for new fashion lines. She launched e1972 two weeks before CoViD-19 hit the globe. It’s pretty evident that Julia had to pause it, and now Haart is all set to relaunch the brand. 

Julia’s My Unorthodox life fans will get an idea about her latest product line, which may come online and to stores in the next few weeks. As per sources, if Julia’s new product line is similar to that of Kim Kardashian’s Skims, it may reach up to half a billion dollars soon. 

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So, how much is Julia Haart Worth? 

What is the worth of Julia, including Julia’s books, job, and penthouse, which come into Julia’s assets in New York? Maybe a cool $600 million. Yes! You heard it right; a closed source for Julia Haart reported that her net worth in 2024 was $600 million. Based on all of Julia’s success so far, her bank account balance increases every day. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that, with a professional fortune of $600 million, Julia Haart will be a successful businesswoman and television personality in 2024.

Julia Haart Personal Strengths and Productivity Habits

Julia says that she rose to fame and succeeded because of her attitude of working hard for her goals and embracing every opportunity that came her way. Adding to that, Julia says, “She is very grateful that she met her husband while working with La Perla, but somehow Julia also feels her husband Scaglia would have made a difference in the career trajectory.” However, the businesswoman doesn’t have any more complaints about her life and is thankful for whatever she has earned till now.

Henceforth, all the information we have about Julia Haart’s net worth, career, early life, salary, and assets. To learn more about your favourite Julia Haart, stay tuned to the page.

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