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Tommy Lee Net Worth, Early Life, Divorces and Investments 

Tommy Lee Net Worth, Early Life, Divorces and Investments

Tommy Lee also known as ‘T-bone’ for his athletic and tall physique is an American musician. He is most famous as the founding member of ‘Motley Crue’, a heavy metal band. He also excelled in his solo career. He founded a rap-metal band, ‘Methods of Mayhem’. Also, he has released many popular songs and albums such as ‘Dr. Feelgood’. He is also famous for the leaked private tape with his wife. This had a huge impact on the net worth of Tommy Lee.

So, what is Tommy Lee’s net worth now?

Tommy Lee net worth 2022 is $70 million as per the reports of Celebrity Net Worth. As a lead drummer of a famous band, Tommy Lee salary was no joke. The band’s 1982 debut album, ‘Too Fast For Love’ earned him record sales of $1 million. ‘Shout at the devil’, the sophomore album of the group earned him a whopping $4.3 million 2 years later. This album also got certified by the RIAA as 4x platinum. This saga of hits continued further for a long time adding more money to Tommy Lee net worth.

Although he has a pretty impressive net worth today, he did have a fair share of troubles with money in the past. And the biggest one was with his ex-wife Pamela Anderson, the famous Baywatch star. The couple’s former electrician avenged his layoff by leaking their honeymoon sex tape. This was only the beginning of Tommy Lee’s troubles. The couple filed a lawsuit for $10 million against any suspect having the tape copy. By the time any action got taken, it was too late. There were copies of the tape everywhere. The public got more interested in how much is Tommy lee net worth?

Tommy Lee Net Worth, Early Life, Divorces and Investments

Anderson accused Tommy Lee of felony after an incident occurred at their house. He got sentenced to six months in jail along with getting divorced. He also attended compulsory community service . He donated money to organizations against domestic violence. And then followed the battle for custody. Although the total expenses incurred is not known. It definitely took a toll on his wealth. This prompts the public to ask the same question again; how much is Tommy Lee worth?

Tommy Lee sold his Malibu home for $2.5 million in 2005. Also, his Calabasas, California home got listed for $4.65 million in May 2018.

This was all the information available about Tommy Lee assets. Other property and assets information is not known yet

He suffered in his professional life because of his personal issues. Yet, he has still managed to maintain a decent net worth. He is doing well in his solo career which is evident from the songs like ‘Hold Me Down’ and ‘Good Times’. He has done fair work in the film industry as well. And he married Brittany Furlan on February 14, 2019. She is Tommy’s fourth wife. And here we wrap up this article intended for finding Tommy Lee net worth 2022.

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