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Net Worth of Tyler the Creator in 2022 and How He Makes Money

Net Worth of Tyler the Creator in 2022 and How He Makes Money

The net worth of Tyler the Creator is $17 million (USD) as of 2022. Born Tyler Gregory Okonma, he is a popular American singer, rapper, music video director, graphic designer, television personality, fashion designer, and record producer. Tyler the Creator’s salary is decided by himself only, and hence it is not specific. 

He also became famous as the hip-hop collective Odd Future’s co-founder and a de facto leader. He also took in-charge of designing their cloth and merchandise and received credit for all the artwork used by the group for releases. 

What is Tyler the Creator’s net worth? 

To people who ask how much is Tyler the Creator’s net worth and income? The only answer is $17 million as of 2022, as his salary cannot be specific, because of him deciding his fees by himself. 

Source of wealth

Tyler, the Creator’s source of wealth, is his career as a singer, rapper, music video director, graphic designer, fashion designer, record producer, and songwriter. All these career sources made him a lot of money. He also commenced his own clothing business in 2011, known as “Golf Wang”. 

Net Worth of Tyler the Creator in 2022 and How He Makes Money

Early Life

Tyler Gregory Okonma is from Ladera Heights, California. Tyler was born on 6th March 1991. Tyler’s father is Nigerian, but he never met him. Tyler’s mother is of European-Canadian and African American heritage and is the only one to raise him. He spent most of his Childhood in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

During their schooling in Tyler, he used to take admitted to a new school every year in the Sacramento area. At 14, he decided to learn to play musical instruments. He learned piano and got a very well hand at it within a very short time. Tyler used to be a shy boy during his school years. He didn’t get any fame before his last school years. 

Tyler also had a few entry-level jobs before his musical career took off. It included FedEx and Starbucks. He worked at both places for about two years. After that, he made up his mind to get into the music industry. Tyler got his second name, Tyler the Creator, from his Myspace page. 

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Net Worth of Tyler the Creator: Career Highlights

Tyler has a good history of career highlights; you can read them below. 

2007: Tyler, Hodgy beats, Casey Veggies, and Left Brain found the hip hop collective Odd Future. 

2009: Tylor Gregory Okonma released his mixtape known as “Bastard” on 25th December 2009 and got fame from it very quickly. Shortly after the release of “Bastard”, Tylor released his first album ‘Yonkers’. 

2010: In 2010, Tylor dropped another popular album called ‘Goblin’ in May. Soon after, he got fame and performed in various concerts and shows. He was also seen in “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, and “MTV Awards.” 

On “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, Tyler appeared to perform “Sandwiches” in February, and it was his first TV performance. 

Net Worth of Tyler the Creator in 2022 and How He Makes Money

2011: In 2011, Tyler the Creator began his band called “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All”, popularly known as “Odd Future”. 

2012: Tyler the Creator and his group became a part of a series on Adult Swim that released 31 episodes. Tyler and Odd Future’s show “Loiter Squad” aired on Adult Swim, was a 15-minute live-action show featuring music, sketches, man-on-the-street segments, and pranks. The popular show ran for three seasons. 

2013: Tyler released” Domo23″, the first single from “Wolf”, on 14th February 2013, and also performed two songs on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on the same night. In April, the video song of “Fucking Young” debuted on the YouTube Channel of Odd Future. 

2015: This year, Tyler announced his 3rd album,” Cherry Bomb”, and released some singles from the album shortly. The album, which aired on the YouTube channel of Odd Future, featured artists Schoolboy Q, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West .

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Personal Life

Tyler likes to collect skateboards, as it is something he finds joyful. His music is said to be anti-religious. He is known to be an atheist with moments of making comments that are said to be agnostic. Tyler the Creator was seen cozying up with Kendall Jenner in 2016. However, both broke the rumors’ silence and said it was false. 

Later in November, a close friend of Tyler, i.e., Jaden Smith, declared that they were in a relationship. However, Tyler did not accept this statement and called Jaden Smith a crazy man.

Later, when the rumors diminished from social media, Tyler again started focusing on his music. Further, in May 2019, Tyler’s music release showed him carrying a multi-colored designer suit, black sunglasses, a long blonde wig, and a grill. 

Real Estate

In 2012, the news was there that Tyler was buying a mansion of 8000 square feet in Atlanta, Georgia. One can say it as Tyler the creator’s assets.

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