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Priscilla Presley Season Hubley Net Worth: How Rich is the TV Personality in Real Life?

What Former American Actress Season Hubley’s Life Looks Like

If we hear the name Season Hubley, it takes us back to the 1970s-1980s. This was a time when America’s film industry bloomed with successful actors and actresses. Out of all these people, Season Hubley was considered one of the most outstanding actresses who mastered her craft and delivered brilliance in every performance. Her beauty captured hearts, which resulted in her appearing on numerous big screens and televisions throughout the 70s and 80s.

The name Season suits her personality as an actor, which is why she was perfectly cast in a variety of supporting roles. She’s best known for playing Elvis Presley’s wife (Priscilla Presley) in the classic television musical drama Elvis. Her diverse range as an actress enabled her to play many different characters convincingly and execute her role as a supporting actor effectively.

What Former American Actress Season Hubley’s Life Looks Like

Season Hubley’s net worth in 2024

She is an American actress and singer with a net worth of $4 million.

Season Hubley Real NameSusan Hubley
Season Hubley Net Worth4 million USD
Season Hubley Salary$300,000 – $800,000
Season Hubley AssetsN/A
Season Hubley Age71 Years
Season Hubley Birthday14.03.1951
Season Hubley Height1.65m/5’4”
Season Hubley Weight65kg/143.3lbs
Season Hubley FamilyBoston Russell (Son)
Season Hubley FriendsN/A

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Who is Season Hubley?

Susan Hubley, a former American actress and singer, has had many roles in movies as well as on television. She was born on March 14th, 1951 to Julia Kaul (née Paine) and Grant Shelby Hubley in New York City. Hubley also has two sisters: Julie Simpson-Levy and Sara Hubley Beeken as well as an actor brother, Whip Hubley.

Grant Hubley was a professional writer and part-time financial broker during his later years. The actress credits her mother for persevering through her father’s financial problems and becoming a good homemaker. Her mother decided to remarry following her father’s death, moving in with another person to start a new life.

Many families in the early 1970s, like Season’s, came from a middle-class background. While their source of income varied at times, her parents were still able to care for her and her siblings adequately.

Season Hubley is not her real name. According to Peoples magazine published on 19th February 1979, when Hubley was 12 years old, one of her friends jokingly nicknamed her Season. This was based on her nature of changing attitudes frequently. Ever since that day, all of Hubley’s close friends referred to her as Season, and it has become part of who she is today.

What Former American Actress Season Hubley’s Life Looks Like

Season Hubley’s Career

Susan “Season” Hubley was in constant work on both the big and small screens from her debut in the eponymous lead role of the television film Bobby Jo and the Good Time Band in 1972 through to her final 1999 appearance as a guest star on the episode Wreck of the Zephyr of Flipper.

In 1972, she played a princess on The Partridge Family. She went on to play the part of a nun in Kojak (1977) who had lost her sister to murder. Season Hubley also appeared in a few episodes of the daytime soap Family as Salina Magee, which aired on CBS from 1976 to 1977. She was the love interest of teenage dropout Willie Lawrence. In 1991, she began playing Angelique Marick in the daytime drama All My Children and played this role until 1994. She also appeared in Starsky & Hutch’s Starsky’s Lady, as well as Stepfather III and Child in the Night, both released in 1990.

Hubley played a wide range of roles throughout the 1970s, appearing in both supporting and lead capacities. Lolly-Madonna XXX (also known as The Lolly Madonna War) was released in 1973 with her starring in the title role. Hubley co-starred in 1979’s cult classic film Hardcore. She also made a brief appearance in 1981’s Escape from New York. However, one of her most notable roles is probably that of Priscilla Presley opposite Kurt Russell in the 1979 TV musical-drama about Elvis’ early years, simply titled Elvis.

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What is Season Hubley Doing Now?

New York City-based Season Hubley is a focused mother who lives a private life away from the tabloids. She maintains serenity in her family world.

How Long was Season Hubley Married to Kurt Russell?

Season Hubley and Kurt Russel tied the wedding knot in the year 1979. The marriage ended in divorce in 1983 after four years.

Whip Hubley is the brother of actress Season Hubley, former brother-in-law of Kurt Russell, and uncle to their son Boston Russell.

Was Hubley on Family a Season?

Season Hubley first made an appearance on the television series Family in early 1976 and continued to make guest appearances for the next four seasons.

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