How to Find the Best Background Check Services

How to find the Best Background Check Services

Background checks are thought to be expensive by many. However, that is not always the case. Looking over all those different sources and compiling all the information they get requires a good reward.

Price should not be a barrier that prevents you from clearing your doubts about someone. This article will help you know how to choose a cost-effective background checking service.

Background Checking Companies

Background checking companies provide detailed research services to anybody. Their services make use of the latest online research technology.

All data used is legal in the public domain and most of it is published by the Federal and State governments.

Manual researches are unwieldy and slow so they use automated systems to pull out the relevant entries.

Carrying out background checks gives information on relationships, finances, employment history, criminal records, driving records and much more about the person in question.

Background checking companies perform a vital service for a range of checks. /for example, if someone wants to buy an American-Made 233 Rem, they will need to undergo the necessary checks to ensure they are able to own a gun. Employers are able to run checks on prospective employees who may be applying for a role which requires a lot of o responsibility or working with children and vulnerable adults

Why Background Checks Are Not Free

Why should I pay for information that is already in the public domain? This may be among the many questions that one may think of when they want a background check.

One thing that needs to be noted is that despite the information being in public domain, it is not free to access and search through it.

That is not the only cost incurred by background check companies. Database searching technology is not free to maintain and operate.

The salaries paid to the staff too is incurred. Despite all this expenses, background check companies manage themselves and charge reasonable rates.

Why Shouldn’t I Use a Free Background Checking Service?

In your conquest for a background checking companies, you might find sites that offer free service. Cheap is always expensive and when the deal is too good think twice.

There are some risks associated with using free background checks. With the legitimate background checking services incurring costs to do thorough research, it is almost obvious such sites will produce information of less if any value.

The sites might also dig into your personal data or that of the subject and sell it to the highest bidder at an easy profit. With background check companies having applications, these counterfeit sites might ask you to download applications which may be malware- infested. Looking at all these negative effects just for a free service, you would rather pay and get information that is informative and prevent yourself from the above risks.

We have done our research and have come up with sites which we believe are not only cheap background checks but also provide quality information.


This is one of the top background checking sites which is cost- effective. Their basic service costs $22.86 for one month, $14.86 per month for three months and $9.83 per month for six months.

At this reasonable fee, they will search from many different sources and provide detailed reports. The premium will cost $9.95 higher per month but for more information on the subject. Their reports are clear and easy to read.

Instant CheckMate

This site has a terrific reputation and has an enthusiastic customer feedback. Their basic service costs $34.78 per month for a month’s subscription or $27.82 a month for three months.

In this, information is searched from many sources and provide reports which are organized and easy.

Their premium digs into details like financial history, driving licenses and weapons licenses.

Their reports are neat, easy to follow and packed with information. Even if they are not the cheapest provider, their services are not comparable


They offer a top-tier service at a fairly reasonable price. Their fees start from $27.78 per month for a month’s subscription and $23.02 per month for three months.

For such a fair price, they will offer a comprehensive research service. For their premium, an additional fee of $17,47 will be added up to get more extensive research reports.

Their reports are well designed, easy-to-read and crammed with details. Their online dashboard is well designed and intuitive. As if that is not enough, they offer 24/7 customer support which is available on a toll-free number.

Background check services are thought to be expensive but that is not the case. There are sites that will promise to offer free services but in the long run the free service will cost you.

We have short listed companies which after our extensive research, we have come to a conclusion that they charge fair prices for their services.

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